20 Dunstans hill was an exciting project because, rather than creating an entirely new building, the architects were extending the building to include a restaurant and eating area for a large office block. This meant that the design needed to be carefully integrated with the existing building, whilst still creating a vibrant restaurant with outdoor space for workers to relax and eat in.

The designers opted to use Vitrabond panels to create a modest, gentle fa├žade that would blend in with the balcony and the London environs. They chose our VB5220 Ersatze Zinc Dark panels for this look. This project was installed by Southern Maze and the panels were fabricated by Marco Industries who are part of our extensive national fabricator network.

The final product is a beautiful and relaxing space high above the hustle and bustle of London. The area offers exceptional views of the local area and provides a peaceful space for office workers to escape their desks!

Colour Used On This Project

The colour used on this project was VB5220 Ersatze Zinc Dark. You can view the extensive cladding colour range here.

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