To continue Valcans extensive Research and Development, we carried out a full system test to BS8414 part 2 at the BRE test facility in Watford UK.    The full build up test consisted of all A1 rated components with 3mm VitraDual riveted back to our Vitrafix VF1 carrier system using A1 rated insulation with a lightweight steel frame backing wall.

The following video is the full length test carried out.

For a successful test the temperature at level 2 must not exceed 600C in the first 15 minutes, level 2 is placed 2.5m above the opening of the chamber.     For the whole test the external level 2 temperature did not exceed 442C.

Other pass criteria include no flaming through the top of the test rig or through the back wall during the full 60 minute test.

After 30 minutes the fire source in the chamber (‘cribb’) is extinguished and the rig observed for a further 30 minutes.    Once the fire source was extinguished, there was no continued flaming from the rig.

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