To assist your onsite team with being ready to start installing Valcan’s systems, we have produced the following list of by way of a checklist, this can be downloaded as a pdf at the bottom of the page – please note this is tailored for rivet fix install:

1Have you had installer training by Valcan on the rivet fix system?Y/ N
2Do you have the correct fabrication equipment on site?
– Aluminium cutting blade for VitraDual panelsY / N
– Aluminium grooving kit for VitraDual panelsY / N
– Fibre cement cutting blade for Ceramapanel / ProcellaProY / N
– Correct sized drill bits for drilling rivet holes and suitable for the panelY / N
– Flat, level work bench for fabricating panelsY / N
3Are panels being handled and stored in accordance with Valcan’s “Storage and Handling” information sheet?Y / N
4Do you have suitable Vitrafix carrier system / sub grid from Valcan
– Brackets and rails for Vitrafix carrier system supplied by ValcanY / N
– Associated fixings for Vitrafix carrier system supplied by Valcan or approved partnerY / N
– Rivets supplied by ValcanY / N
5Do you have correct installation accessories* to ensure correct process is adhered to?
– Rivet nose piece adapter suited to the supplied rivetY/ N
– Centralising tool suited to the panel to be installedY / N

* please note that installation accessorised differ from panel to panel and rivet to rivet, please check with Valcan that correct tools are being used