EvverLap is a non-combustible fibre cement weatherboard using cellulose fibres for additional strength and finished in a smooth face or a teak wood grain effect.

Often referred to as siding boards, weatherboarding is a traditional cladding system that historically focused on real timber. Using a fibre cement alternative gives the benefits of longevity and non-combustibility while still keeping the timeless appeal of natural wood façades.

EvverLap is less absorbent than timber weather board cladding products due to the calcium silicate and cement base used in the production process. The board is also highly resistant to rot, insect and fungal attacks.


EvverLap is light weight and easy to install using specific Vitrafix screws or rivets to either a Vitrafix VF1 or VF2 framing systems (depending on wall build-up) to give a non-combustible solution. Where required, fixings can be colour matched to the panel/plank.

For an overlapping weatherboard type and large format flat sheet installations, fixings are installed at maximum 600 mm centres aligning with the carrier frame behind. For more information, see the downloads section below.

The panels can be easily drilled and cut using standard site tools such as plunge saws, jig saws and mitre saws with fibre cement blades.  Panels can be installed to provide a horizontal or vertical lap design as required.

EvverLap Characteristics

EvverLap is supplied in planks, however we also offer large format boards on project by project basis (MOQ apply) – these large format boards give the flexibility to have produce custom sized planks on site (or off site) to meet architects design intent

Thickness10 mm as standard (12mm also available)
Density1150 (+/- 75) kg/m3
Plank size3000 x 210 mm
Large format sheet3000 x 1250 mm or 2500 x 1250 mm available

Colours and finishes

Solid Colours

A extensive range of solid colours to suit any façade requirement and design intent

Wood Stained Colours

A extensive range of wood stained colours to suit any façade requirement and design intent


  • Non-combustible façade solution
  • Light weight – 12 kg/m2 for a 10 mm plank
  • Extensive colour range and custom options available
  • Easy to install and fabricate on or off site
  • Low maintenance, no need to re-stain like natural wood
  • High stock holdings in our UK warehouse
  • Can be overpainted to update a facade as needed
  • Long life expectancy compared to timber alternatives

Need more information?

If you want to find out more information about Evverlap, please feel free to reach out to a member of the Valcan team.