Vitracore G2, is a 4mm thick, high performance bonded aluminium panel,that looks the same as traditional composite panels. What makes it different however is that the core is made using 100% non-combustible aluminium.

Ideal for all facade and soffit applications, the benefits of Vitracore G2 include its high strength, mechanical properties, simple fabrication, and A2 classification. Developed to complement the widely recognised ‘Vitrabond’, Vitracore G2 is a product that provides the decisive solution to high demands and requirements.

The outstanding surface flatness of Vitracore G2 is enhanced with a high quality coating system of PVDF paint, which provides excellent resistance to weather and industrial pollution in an unlimited range of colours, or a selection of natural metal finishes.

Vitracore G2 can be easily and accurately installed by a pre-made cassette system. Vitracore G2 requires very minimal maintenance and has a standard 15 year warranty subject to terms and conditions.

















  • Classified A2 to EN 13501-1
  • Superior rigidity
  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Excellent mechanical and machining properties
  • Exceptional flat surface and protective finish
  • Unlimited colours
  • Quick lead times
  • Low maintenance
  • Concealed Fixing


Fire Rating

Vitracore acheives an A2 fire rating.

What does A2 Rated Mean?

Class A2 – Products are described as having no significant contribution to fire at any stage. BS EN 13501 sets several thresholds for combustion when tested to EN ISO 1182, or both EN ISO 1716 and EN 13823. One of these thresholds is a maximum heat of combustion of 3MJ/kg.


Fixing Systems

Vitracore G2 is most suitable for use with our cassette panel fixing system. Please refer to the Vitracore G2 Installation Manual for full installation details

Vitracore Cassette Fixing





Vitracore G2 is available in a range of finishes and colours including our full rnage of RAL and custom colours and effect finishes including stone effect, wood effect and chromatic finishes.


Jaguar Landrover Southport


Fairview supplied builder Stokes Wheeler with Vitracore G2 for the Jaguar Land Rover 3-storey showroom at Southport, QLD. The high-end development required a premium finish in Jaguar Land Rover’s corporate colours and Vitracore G2 was selected as the preferred façade solution due to fire compliance.

Project Manager Jai Johnson stated, ‘In addition to matching the corporate identity colours, the project also required customised lengths, up to 5900mm, which proved to be completely within the Vitracore G2’s capabilities.” In contrast to previous projects using standard composite materials, no oil canning or bending is visible on the Vitracore G2 sheets – a testament to their rigidity and strength.

Jaguar Landrover continue to be pioneers of innovation. From developing world firsts, they are moving with the modern industrial technology and transforming with the times.

Jaguard cladding vitracore