Aluminium Composite Panels

Vitracore/G2 is an A2 Fire Rated Cladding material comprising an aluminium profiled core between two aluminium skins. Vitracore is a 4mm thick, high performance, high durability composite panel manufactured by Valcan. It looks and acts like other composite panels but benefits from a non-combustible core. The Vitracore technology provides a high degree of combustibility protection on any building making it particularly suitable for high rise structures over 18 metres. The simplicity and efficiency of the core means that the product is exceptionally consistent, easy to fabricate and fold (like traditional ACM) and cost effective.

Benefits of Vitracore/G2

  • Deemed Non-combustible – achieved A2-s1, d0 when tested in accordance with EN 13501-1:2007+A1: 2009
  • Cost effective
  • Large stock holdings and low lead times
  • Achieves A2 rating to EN13501-01 standard (suitable for use on all buildings, including those over 18m high)
  • Visually matches other composite panels
  • Versatile fabrication options
  • Colour match finish options and huge range of standard colours

Vitracore is exceptionally durable with excellent scratch and impact resistance. It is impervious to UV rays and extreme weather conditions and also has high resistance to acids and alkilis making it ideal for heavily polluted areas.

Working With Valcan

Valcan offer a complete service including manufacturer, delivery and fabrication through our nationwide distribution network. We maintain high stock levels that allow us to fulfil orders rapidly and cost effectively. We are also able to offer a full colour and effect matching service so you can get the exact product required. Contact us directly here or on 01278428245 or order samples here.

Designing with Vitracore

Vitracore can be extensively machined without compromising the fire rated cladding. It can be machine rolled, cut, bent, drilled, punched, riveted, contour cut, sheared, routed and folded – giving you almost unlimited design flexibility. Our full colour matching service allows you to match any brand colours or stylistic requirements. We offer a range of stock special effects and natural finishes and can also match any effect required.

Case Study

Department of Human Services

The department of human services building was a large scale development designed by Guida Moseley Brown architects. The architect wanted a bright, modern office complex that stood out from the environs. They opted for Vitracore thanks to its fire rated core – ideal for a building this size and chose white and orange/brown colours to create a modern building with a unique image.
Department of Human Services

Product Composition

  1. Peel-off Protective Film
  2. PVDF Coating System
  3. Primer Coating
  4. 0.7mm Aluminium Skin
  5. 3mm Profiled Aluminium Core
  6. 0.5mm Aluminium Skin
  7. Polyester Anti-Corrosion Coating


The Fire rated composite material is rigid, blow resistant and resistant to breakage pressure. It also boasts high bending, buckling and breaking strengths. It can be fixed using a cassette fix as seen below.

Case Study

Park Royal Hotel

The park royal hotel was designed by architectus and used gold metallic vitracore g2 to create a striking impression in Parramatta Australia. Reflecting the blazing Australian sunshine the architects opted for a striking design with fire rated cladding to ensure longevity and durability.
Greenwich Village - RSC

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