Benefits of Vitrafix VFM

  • Non-combustible – Under the European Directive
  • Very high melting point compared to aluminium systems (1425-1540 C vs 660 C)
  • Cost effective system
  • Increased thermal performance giving reduced insulation depths
  • Faster installation times than standard systems
  • Project specific calculations – the Vitrafix system comes with project specific details where and when required.
  • Coated profiles – when required rails can be coated to ‘black out’ joints.

Advantage of Vitrafix VFM

The Vitrafix VFM range is a Magnelis steel carrier system designed for use as either a standard helping hand style system (VFM-HH), or more commonly a floor spanning carrier system (VFM-FS)

With the system being produced from steel, this is not only deemed non-combustible under the European Directive, but has a much higher melting point than a standard aluminium systems; 1425-1540 C vs 660 C

The high melting point of the Vitrafix VFM system has the advantage of being able to greatly resist attack from flame in the event of a fire which helps to increase the fire resistance of the rainscreen facade system

Steel also as a conductivity of 50 W/(mK) compared to aluminium at around 220 W/(mK), this helps to either allow a reduction of insulation depths maintaining the same U Value or maintain the same insulation depth and enhance the thermal performance of the building

Fixing Systems

Vitrafix VFM-HH

The VFM-HH system uses helping hand brackets installed against the wall with steel rails spanning upto 6m length.

Brackets are available from 50-290mm with customisable options as large as 1500mm available on a project by project basis.

Where required, steel top-hats or U channels can be installed behind the brackets to span any steel frame studs in the wall.

Vitrafix VFM-FS

The VFM-FS system is a floor spanning carrier system that can be used on new build or re-clad type projects alike.

The system uses the same brackets as the VFM-HH system with different rails utilised for the spans.

The main benefit of the VFM-FS system is the reduced number or brackets required to fix into the wall giving both labour, installation and fixing savings on the finished sub-frame.

Key Features

  • Brackets are available as standard from 50mm through to 290mm, each having 30mm adjustment
  • Project specific brackets available as large as 1500mm!

  • Horizontal top-hats and U channels available to assist with installing brackets in isolation of stud locations in back wall (where applicable)
  • Vertical rails are customisable on project by project requirement

Vitrafix colour matched fixings and installation accessories

To ensure the whole system meets the same fire performance of the steel carrier frame itself, Vitrafix rivets and self drilling fixings are all supplied in A4 stainless steel grade for optimum performance and longevity.

Any rivets or panhead fixings used for the installation of the panel system can be supplied colour matched to give a more discrete appearance