Location: Australia
Products: Vitranamel

Project Completed: McDonalds, Perth

With more than one million customers coming through their restaurants every day, it’s their priority to maintain customers trust and integrity. To do this they make sure their customers and employees receive the respect they deserve. Through honesty, hard work and outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value (QSC&V) they make sure that their restaurants are up to the standard customers deserve.

The Fairview Group were proud to play a part in the installation at McDonalds in Perth. Using a high gloss Vitranamel in custom colours creating a sleek shiny finish which reflects the company’s values for cleanliness and quality. Vitranamel is perfect for restaurants and other food serving and manufacturing areas due to it being hygienic and easy to clean whilst being part of the company’s brand if required.

About Vitranamel

Vitranamel has a far superior colour consistency over time when compared to typical cladding panels. The colour and gloss level of these panels are unaffected by sunlight, and are available in an almost unlimited colour range. The original colour of the vitreous enamel is expected to outlast a normal building life and is completely non-combustible. It can withstand temperatures of over 400°C. Architectural vitreous enamel coated panels are able to provide fire ratings of over 2 hours.

The surface of Vitranamel is extremely smooth and extremely low static, preventing dust adhesion and resulting in only minimal cleaning required periodically and it can be custom designed into a wide range of shapes and dimensions.

About McDonalds (Maccers)

McDonald’s Australia Limited is an unlisted Australian public company. It’s a franchise business with more than two thirds of Australian restaurants owned and operated by individual businessmen and women. Back in 1971, they opened their first restaurant in a Sydney suburb called Yagoona. Today there are over 900 McDonald’s across Australia and they employ around 90,000 people across their restaurants and management offices. Today, they’ve got more than 34,000 restaurants in over 118 countries. Every day, they’re serving meals to more than 50 million people worldwide.


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