Product:    VitraDual
Colours:     7550 Chromatic Jungle Green
Finish:        Sparkling & Chromatic


completed project:  stonebridge house, wembley

Stonebridge House in Wembley was a new build project completed in 2019 by Hill Partnership and offers full NHBC cover.    To help ensure full compliance, an non-combustible A1 rated facade panel was required, the installer looked no further than offering 3mm VitraDual panels in the striking 7550 Chromatic Jungle Green colour.   The facade panels were curved around the central courtyard between the two main buildings.

About VitraDual

VitraDual is non-combustible, pre-coated panel  using the widely recognised PVDF paint system, this paint system means the panels are not subjected to the oil canning affect seen when using PPC systems – PVDF paint systems also give superior performance to UV light.    VitraDual is rated as A1 to BS EN 13501-1 and uses high quality grades of aluminium to help ensure the product as a life expectancy in excess of 50 years and a warranty period of upto 30 years.

For more product information, visit the VitraDual page or take a look at our Technical Centre