Since recent tragic events, one of the biggest questions for architects and builders is ‘What Rainscreen Cladding is safe for use on high-rise buildings?’

Here at Valcan, we offer the following three solutions which are A2,s1-d0 rated when tested to EN13501-01 so are safe for use. We also have products have been through extensive BS8414 testing to BR135 criteria.

Vitrabond A2 is made up of two aluminium or other natural metal skins, enclosing an A2 core. The A2 core is a solid core made up with mineral elements. It is currently the leading non-combustible product in the market! The simple structure of this Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding gives it huge potential for all building types and twinned with its certificated properties of non-combustibility it makes it the obvious choice for any building over 18m. It is stable, yet readily mouldable and very easy to install. Our A2 product has successfully passed BS8414/BR135 fire classification achieving A2-s1, d0 to EN13501-1 standard and weather tested and certificated by CWCT.

Vitracore G2 is also an A2 Fire Rated Cladding material which has an aluminium profiled core between two aluminium skins. Vitracore is a 4mm thick, high performance, high durability composite panel and has also achieved BS8414 in Australia and passed CWCT testing in the UK. Vitracore G2 acts like our other cladding products when it comes to fabrication and installation but also benefits from being a much lighter product and being Deemed Non-combustible – achieving A2-s1, d0 when tested in accordance with EN 13501-.

We also offer other non-combustible cladding options, please visit our website for more details