The information contained within this page are requirements to ensure that applicable product warranties can be obtained and applies to Vitrabond®, VitraDual® and Ceramapanel®


  • Panels must be stored flat on pallets
  • If sheets are to be removed from pallets, these must be stored flat on bearers spaced no more than 300mm
  • For fibre cement panels with a coating, ensure the protective foam is in place between sheets when being stored
  • Pallets must be stored inside in dry conditions with covers retained on the pallets to protect from weather and any other works being carried out
  • Pallets must be staked no more than 2 high
  • Pallets must be stored in a way that allows ventilation to prevent condensation build-up
  • It is recommended that panels are only delivered when site is ready for imminent installation to protect against weather and other trades causing damage
  • Goods must not be stored in anyway that gives way to standing water on the goods (applies to Vitrafix® components too)


  • Panels must be lifted off a pallet/stack rather than being dragged
  • Panels must be lifted by 2 people
  • Panels must be carried in a vertical plane rather than horizontally
  • When unloading from a delivery vehicle, pallets must be unloaded in whole rather than breaking down and removing individual sheets off the vehicle
  • Unloading of pallets must be done using a suitable forklift, if a crane is to be used, ensure the wide straps are used (with appropriate protection) to spread the weight and that straps are placed to prevent slipping of the pallet/goods
  • Do not remove strapping etc until pallet has been unloaded from delivery vehicle
  • Aluminium panels with protective film must have the film removed within 30 days of installation.  The temporary protective film only has a life expectancy of 6 months and should be removed within this time, failure to remove may cause glue to cause issues with the paint surface


  • Panels must be transported under waterproof covers on level pallets
  • Panel must be securely strapped to pallets to prevent movement in transportation
  • Ensure that straps for load to vehicle are not excessively tight causing damage to sheets – use of strapping corners must be used to distribute the forces

Fabrication and installation

  • Panels should be fabricated and installed as directional unless consent has been given by the client/architect on the project, panel direction is as follows: 
    • Ceramapanel – “grain” and texture runs the length of the panel 
    • Vitrabond and VitraDual – direction is indicated by the arrows on the protective film 
  • When fabricating and installing Ceramapanel, Vitrabond and VitraDual panels, these must be mixed from the multiple pallets delivered (where multiple pallets have been delivered) rather than working pallet by pallet 

For more additional information on fabrication of our panels, click here to view the fabrication guidance page