Revitalise Your Building With Recladding From Valcan

Recladding is the perfect way to revitalise an old façade or to add modern technology benefits to older buildings.

At Valcan we are committed to the manufacture and distribution of the highest quality façade solutions. With increasing pressure on the construction industry to use safety compliant materials in construction many architects, engineers, builders and installers are re-examining projects.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of non-combustible cladding solutions we are able to provide the perfect solution for recladding of old or new construction projects.

Valcan Recladding Solutions

We offer a wide range of cladding solutions including non-combustible aluminium cladding and fibre cement cladding.


Our flagship aluminium cladding is available with an A2 rated non-combustible core. Vitrabond A2 is non-combustible and has been BS8414 tested to BR135 criteria and has exceptional machining and design options suitable for all façade styles and designs. Read more about Vitrabond here.


Our fibre cement cladding panel solutions are strong, durable and non-combustible – available as A2 or A1 fire rating. With a full stock RAL colour range available as well as custom finishes and effects Ceramapanel is a low cost cladding solution for low rise buildings. Read more about Ceramapanel here.


VitraDual is a non-combustible, A1 fire rated aluminium panel that can be installed as cassettes or flat sheets, the panel has been tested to BS8414 and meets the criteria of BR135. VitraDual is available in the full colour range of Vitrabond/A2. Read more about VitraDual here.


Vitranamel is a hard wearing pre-fabricated non-combustible architectural cladding panel using a vitreous enamel coating giving a incredibly tough, almost indestructible finish. Suitable for high traffic areas with a anti-graffiti coating as standard. Read more about Vitranamel here.

Advantages Of Recladding Your Building

Recladding creates a number of advantages for your building including financial, safety and aesthetic benefits. Some of the benefits include;

– Removing potentially dangerous combustible systems and replacing them with tested, safe solutions – suitable for high-rise buildings
– Improving appearance – Stock RAL and custom colour ranges and finish options available
– Increases Thermal performance – reducing building heat loss and energy consumption
– Improves acoustic performance
– Minimal disruption to internal property
– Low maintenance façades reduce lifetime costs
– High impact resistance
– Lightweight solution – minimal strain on existing structures
– Anti-graffiti solutions available
– Environmentally friendly, all cladding panels fully recyclable and eco-friendly
– Fast to install with low lead times

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Recladding Old Buildings

Traditional brick and block buildings built prior to modern technologies tend to have issues with moisture and often don’t meet modern aesthetic tastes. The sealing of buildings that was prevalent in 60’s and 70’s architecture created long term deterioration problems.

Recladding these buildings creates a ventilating area between the wall and the external façade. This allows air flow to draw moisture away from the building and to drain excess water through the bottom vents of the façade. Rainscreen recladding is the perfect way to prevent water damage to buildings whilst modernising the look and feel of external walls.

Recladding Modern Buildings

With current legislative and safety changes many architects and construction providers are looking to reclad previous projects using non-combustible solutions. Our range of non-combustible cladding solutions are ideal or all buildings. With a full RAL colour range and custom colour ranges available it is easy to meet the aesthetic requirements of the building whilst ensuring adequate safety and fire prevention measures are in place.

To Discuss your Recladding project contact us directly by phone on 01278 428245, by email at or using our contact form here.