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Official Manufacturers of Xtral® Extruded Aluminium Plank Systems
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Interlocking Plank System Cladding

Xtral offers a range of inspiring interlocking façade systems for the rainscreen façade market, utilising this non-combustible solution on your next project will deliver design flexibility.



Our extruded aluminium planks provide exceptional design flexibility and are eco-friendly:
Xtral planks offer non-combustibility ensuring the highest level of fire resistance for your projects.
Limitless ColoUr Palette:
Whether you prefer the natural look of anodised colours or the limitless choices of wet spray fluoropolymer base paint or polyester powder-coated options, Xtral ensures your architectural vision is realised.
Orientation Flexibility:
Profiles can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, providing a modern and versatile cladding option.
100% Recyclable
Made of extruded aluminium, Xtral planks are not only durable but also eco-friendly, aligning with sustainable construction practices.
Durable Material:
Ensuring longevity and performance.
Innovative Design:
Designed by a team of dedicated engineers and commercial façade installation professionals, the Xtral system employs a simple tab-and-hook mechanism for easy interlocking.
Seamless Aesthetics:
Panels overlap one another, concealing all fixtures for a modern and dynamic look.
Designed to eliminate the need for external sealants, reducing both labour and material costs.
Comprehensive Trims:
Incorporates a specially-designed selection of trims to meet every architectural detail with an effective and aesthetically-pleasing solution.
Customisable Lengths:
Standard length of 6000 mm with customisable lengths available, ensuring the right fit for every project.
Valcan Xtral has achieved the following certification. Full details and downloads of all certification is available at the bottom of this page.



The Xtral sustainable façade range is an incredibly durable material and can be used in many different construction applications from retail to residential.
6000 mm standard 
1000, 1250* or 1500* *Standard
Panel Thickness:
2mm or 3mm
6.5 kg/m2
Nationwide & European Delivery: We deliver panels across the UK and Europe. Rest assured, all panels are securely wrapped and placed on high-quality pallets. They are transported via our dedicated fleet to guarantee their safe arrival at your location.

Customer-Arranged Pickup: If you'd rather arrange transportation. Just give us a heads-up at least 48 hours prior to collection to ensure your order is ready.
The profiles are supplied in 6m lengths as standard and are designed to be installed as a ventilated rain screen fixed to our Vitrafix® VF1 or VF2 framing system and can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation to give a modern and versatile cladding option.
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Xtral planks are available in mill finished or anodised colours giving non-combustibility against the European Directive, or can be supplied in pre-finished painted A2 fire rated options.

Anodising is an electrochemical process of highly controlled oxidation of the aluminium product. This process transforms the surface into a highly durable, corrosion resistant finish that maintains a natural yet highly variable look.

Pre-finished options available consist of either a wet spray fluoropolymer base paint or polyester powder coated options to give a limitless colour choice to ensure your architectural flair and design intent are met.


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Xtral aluminium façade planks have been designed by a team of dedicated engineers and commercial façade installation professionals. Applying the rainscreen principle, the Xtral system is installed over a weatherproof substructure with air flow, drainage, and ventilation occurring behind the façade.

Xtral planks employ a simple tab-and-hook mechanism that allows each panel to interlock with pre-loaded strength. Xtral planks then overlap one another, concealing all fixtures and implementing a more modern and dynamic aesthetic.

The Xtral system has been designed to eliminate the need for external sealants, making installation faster while reducing labour and material costs.

The Xtral system also incorporates a specially-designed selection of trims, allowing every architectural detail to be met with an effective and aesthetically-pleasing solution.

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Fire Classification Report
Product Declaration
European Technical Assessment
Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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