Maintenance and Care

Here's our guidance to keep your façade looking great. 

VitraDual® Maintenance and Care Guide:

When it comes to cleaning your Vitradual products, only the best will do. That's why we recommend using mineral spirits, organic cleaners or PH-neutral solvents. These products are gentle on your products but tough on dirt and grime, leaving your products looking like new. Plus, they're safe for you and the environment, so you can feel good about using them. So when it's time to give your products a little TLC, reach for one of our recommended cleaning agents and get the job done right.

Ceramapanel® Maintenance and Care Guide:

Ceramapanel A1 fire-rated boards don’t generally require cleaning however after installation it is possible to remove dust from the surface of Natural, Natural+ and Painted panels with a low pressure compressor. Mud etc may be removed from panels using a normal wash without scrubbing the surface of the panels – do not use abrasives.

When Ceramapanel A1 is used as an exterior cladding panel, this may accumulate atmospheric fall-out which may include soot and residual acids in industrial environments, automobile combustion, gum spotting, lichen and organic matter from neighbouring vegetation, bird fouling etc. – this will usually clean off during rain fall, should additional cleaning be required, dirt and grime should be cleaned off with a water blast or washed with a cloth and soapy water followed by a rinse with clean water.

NOTE: It is recommended that the soapy water solution should be tested in a discrete area. Cleaning should not take place in hot conditions or in direct sunlight.

No other cyclic maintenance/cleaning is needed or recommended.

Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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