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Magnelis Steel Cladding Subframe System

Non-Combustible Magnelis Steel Cladding Subframe system

Vitrafix Magnelis Steel has been designed to offer a very strong and thermally proficient subframe system.

VitraFix Magnelis (VFM)


Introducing Vitrafix Magnelis Steel (VFM) - the non-combustible cladding support system that utilises high-performance Magnelis steel technology, offering superior corrosion resistance, durability, strength, and thermal efficiency, with project-specific calculations and quicker installation times.

Certified Non-Combustible:
Under the European Directive

High Melting Point:
VFM cladding subframe system has a melting point above 1400°C. This ensures the subframe system will maintain it's integrity in the event of a fire.
With significantly stronger material than aluminium, the VFM brackets and rails allow for greater spans, reducing the overall m2 cost and installation time.
Enhanced Thermal Efficiency:
Benefitting from incredible thermal performance (17 W/mK),  VFM reduces the need for thick insulation, resulting in maximised space and cost savings.  For comparison, aluminium is 160 W/mK.
Swift Installation:
Vitrafix VFM has been designed for efficiency, allowing for quicker installation times compared to standard systems. Complete your projects faster without compromising on standards.
Tailored to Your Project:
Every project has its unique requirements. That's why we provide project-specific calculations upon request, delivering custom details for each individual assignment.
Customisable Coated Profiles:
For a refined finish, our rails can be coated to 'black out' joints, ensuring a sleek and integrated appearance.
Resilient in harsh Environments:
Built to resist corrosion, VFM is especially suited for industrial and coastal applications achieving a C5 corrosion resistance rating. 
Valcan VitraFix VFM has achieved the following certification.  Full details and downloads of all certification is available at the bottom of this page. 


What is Magnelis?

Magnelis® is manufactured by ArcelorMittal and is a flat carbon steel coated on both sides with a zinc-aluminium-magnesium alloy (93.5% zinc, 3.5% aluminium, and 3% magnesium).

Its proven performance in outdoor environments makes it ideal for exposed surfaces like exterior walls. Magnelis® steel withstands harsh weather conditions without compromising its integrity, and its coating doesn't contain harmful chemicals.

Magnelis also has a lower CO2 emissions than both aluminium and stainless steel.


The VitraFix VFM range is a Magnelis steel subframe system designed for use as either a standard helping hand style system (VFM-HH), or more commonly a floor-spanning carrier system (VFM-FS).

With the system being produced from Magnelis Steel, this is not only deemed non-combustible under the European Directive, but has a much higher melting point than standard aluminium systems: 1425-1540 °C vs 660 °C.

The high melting point of the VitraFix VFM system has the advantage of greatly resisting fire attack, which helps to increase the overall performance of the rainscreen facade system.

Magnelis has a conductivity of 17 W/(mK) compared to aluminium at around 160 W/(mK); this helps to either allow a reduction of insulation depths while maintaining the same U Value or maintain the same insulation depth and enhance the thermal performance of the building.

Applications & Use Cases

From maritime environments to complex architectural designs, Vitrafix VFM is versatile enough to meet the unique requirements of every project.


Fixing Systems

VitraFix® VFM-Helping Hand

The VitraFix® VFM-HH system utilises the standard VFM brackets installed back to the masonry or steel frame wall.

Brackets are available in 50-290mm sizes as standard with
customisable sizes as large as 1500mm being available on project
specific applications.

The VFM-HH system uses either aluminium T and L profiles or Magnelis® steel rails depending on project requirements

VitraFix® VFM - Floor Spanning

The VitraFix® VFM-FS system utilises the same VFM brackets as the
VFM-HH system but these are installed typically at the floor slab

This system is typically used on walls where the block-work between floor slabs may be of an unknown or insufficient strength. The VFM-FS system can also be used for reduced installation times compared to a standard subframe system thanks to the reduced number of brackets.


Below are the key features for the VitraFix VFM system.
Brackets are available as standard from 50mm through to 290mm, each having 30mm adjustment
Horizontal top-hats and U channels available to assist with installing brackets in isolation of stud locations in back wall (where applicable)
Magnelis offers exceptional high strength allowing greater spans between brackets
High thermal performance gives improved project U-values and reduces building energy costs
Project specific brackets available as large as 1500mm!
Vertical rails are customisable on project by project requirement


View the main VitraFix page here to see how each system is made up.
View Components Here

VitraFix VFM Project Questionnaire

We appreciate every project is different and getting the correct amount of rails and brackets for your project is really important. We have created a questionnaire to that will help us understand the detail of your project to the best of your knowledge. 

After submission, we’ll use this information to provide an accurate quote for your project.


Resources & Downloads

Here are our latest downloads for VitraFix® VFM. If you're looking for something that’s not in this list, give our sales team a call on 01278 428245.

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Colour Chart

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