Cladding Subframe Systems

Rainscreen Subframe System / Aluminium & Steel

Secure your building envelope with our safe, robust cladding subframe systems

Valcan offers a range of rainscreen subframe systems to match the demands for any cladding project.

Secure your building envelope with our safe, robust cladding subframe systems

Valcan offers a range of rainscreen subframe systems to match the demands for any cladding project.

PRODUCT Material Options


Our VitraFix® (Aluminium) and VitraFix® VFM (Magnelis Steel) ranges, manufactured with non-combustible materials that are designed to meet Approved Document B and The Building Safety Act 2022 requirements; ensuring your futureproofed project meets safety standards while achieving higher thermal performance through top corrosion resistant metallic coated steel framing options.

VitraFix Aluminium

VitraFix is an aluminium carrier system offering 3 main systems to meet every facade requirement.

The ranges are as follows:

  • VF1 – “Helping hand” type carrier system with bracket sizes ranging from 50-350mm
  • VF2 – Top-hat and U channels, can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with the VF1 range
  • VF3 – "Secret Fix" panel system utilising undercut anchors into fibre cement panels. Used in conjunction with VF1 and/or VF2 systems
  • VFS – "Soffit Fix" panel system.

VitraFix Magnelis Steel

VitraFix VFM is a steel subframe system utilising Magnelis technology to give an excellent thermal performance, category 5 corrosion resistant and strength.

The VFM range consists of:

  • VFM-HH – “Helping Hand” type system using the Magnelis steel brackets with either aluminium or steel rails to give excellent thermal values
  • VFM-FS – "Floor Spanning" system frequently used on re-cladding projects, can also be used to reduce install times/cost where a standard system could be used
The VitraFix range has been used in all Valcan’s BS8414 system tests and CWCT testing to give a tested/accredited system.

The VitraFix range also includes all associated fixings to assemble the carrier system and install the panels to the carrier rails. These are available in A4 stainless grade to offer a future proofed facade system.
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What is a cladding subframe system?

A cladding subframe system is a framework that is used to support and attach an outer layer of cladding material to a building's exterior walls. The subframe system is typically made up of a series of horizontal and/or vertical rails that are attached to the buildings main structure (e.g. concrete frame, brick, block, steel, timber frame and so on). 

The cladding material is then attached to the subframe system, creating a rainscreen facade that works with the natural elements to protect the building. You can have a choice of aluminium or Magnelis steel (both non combustible) depending on the buildings requirements.

The subframe system serves several functions. It provides a stable and secure attachment point for the cladding material, which is important for maintaining the integrity of the building's envelope. The subframe also creates an air gap between the cladding material and the building's structure, which is crucial for ensuring proper ventilation and drainage of water. With Valcans subframing systems it provides thermal insulation and improves the energy efficiency of the building.

It is important that the subframe system is designed and installed correctly to ensure that it is structurally sound and properly supports the cladding material. Making sure this substrate is true and plumb is critical to the finished facades appearance. It is essential that these systems are designed by qualified a competent engineer, should you need recommendations please contact us.

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Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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