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A1 Rated Non Combustible Fibre Cement Sheathing Board

ProcellaPro is a non-combustible A1 fire-rated, calcium silicate-based fibre cement board using cellulose fibres for structural strength. ProcellaPro is used as a building board or sheathing board for many applications requiring a non-combustible solution.



The board is pre-squared to large format sheet size of 2500 x 1200mm as standard on the production line.

Create peaceful & serene environments with ProcellaPro's excellent sound dampening capabilities.
Ensure utmost safety and compliance with the highest fire safety standards.
Easily secure insulation fixings onto ProcellaPro for added convenience and efficiency.
ProcellaPro is a breeze to cut, allowing for precise and efficient installations tailored to your project's needs.
Experience the remarkable strength and stability of ProcellaPro in every application.
Time is of the essence, and ProcellaPro is designed to expedite your construction process.
Valcan ProcellaPro has achieved the following certification. Full details and downloads of all certification is available at the bottom of this page.


Board Specifications

ProcellaPro is a high-performance building material that has achieves an impressive A1 rating to BS EN 13501-1, with a PCS value of 0.85MJ/kg and a Thermal value of 0.20W/mk. Unlike some cement particle boards that contain wood chips, ProcellaPro is suitable for any project over 11m, making it a versatile and reliable choice for architects and construction professionals.

2500mm standard (2400mm and other lengths available)
1200mm (1200mm also available)
Panel Thickness:
12mm standard (10mm also available)
Weight per board:
17.6kg/m2 (12mm panel)
1400 (+/- 100) kg/m3
Thermal Value:
Nationwide & European Delivery:  We deliver panels across the UK and Europe. Rest assured, all panels are securely wrapped and placed on high-quality pallets. They are transported via our dedicated fleet to guarantee their safe arrival at your location.

Customer-Arranged Pickup:  If you'd rather arrange transportation. Just give us a heads-up at least 48 hours to ensure your order is ready for collection.
ProcellaPro is available in a standard 12mm thickness, which provides additional rigidity, strength, and excellent sound damping for walls. Its less absorbent nature than other materials such as plasterboard, timber, or sheathing board containing timber fibres makes it a highly desirable choice for construction projects.

ProcellaPro's production process uses a calcium silicate and cement base, making it highly resistant to insect and fungal attacks and a durable and long-lasting option for any project. 

With its superior properties and impressive A1 rating, ProcellaPro is the perfect choice for architects and construction professionals looking for a reliable, high-performance building material.

For more in-depth and technical information, refer to our downloads section here.

Add ProcellaPro sheathing board to your NBS specification:



ProcellaPro is a highly versatile board that is designed for easy installation using standard conventional site tooling, rail/plunge saws, and the Vitrafix VFSDPP4.838 Countersunk Self Drill fixings. With its exceptional durability and strength, ProcellaPro is the perfect solution for any project that requires a robust and reliable material.

Installation of ProcellaPro is a breeze, with the Vitrafix VFSDPP4.838 Countersunk Self Drill fixings allowing for easy attachment to both lightweight steel and timber wall frames. To ensure a secure and stable installation, it is recommended to use a maximum of 27 fixings for a vertically oriented board and 25 fixings for a horizontally oriented board, with a maximum fixing centre distance of 600 mm horizontally and 300 mm vertically.

One of the standout features of ProcellaPro is its ease of cutting, which allows for easy customisation to fit the unique specifications of any project. With a 12mm thickness as standard, ProcellaPro provides walls with additional rigidity and strength and excellent sound damping. Additionally, the board is less absorbent than plasterboard, timber, or sheathing board containing timber fibres. This is thanks to its unique production process, which utilises a calcium silicate and cement base that makes the board highly resistant to insect and fungal attacks.

For more information on installation and fixings, please refer to the ProcellaPro typical details available for download.


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