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Rainscreen Cladding

Shield, breathe, and enhance - discover our range of rainscreen cladding systems, your trusted solution for advanced façade protection and architectural elegance.

Working with the natural elements to protect your building.

Understanding the importance of rainscreen panels and their function is crucial when selecting the right cladding system for your project.

Our Product Range

Discover Valcan's Premium Rainscreen Cladding Panels and Systems

We are dedicated to providing exceptional and reliable cladding solutions. As a leading manufacturer and specialist in rainscreen cladding panels, we offer four distinct types of materials.

Along with these premium products, we also provide the subframe system and fixings to securely attach the panels to a building's façade.

Choose from our extensive range of A1-rated fibre cement cladding panels, available in various colours, finishes, and thicknesses. Request samples to find the perfect match for your project.
Explore our collection of aluminium cladding panels, featuring A1 or A2 fire ratings, ensuring the highest standards in non-combustible cladding panels.
Experience the durability and easy maintenance of vitreous enamel cladding panels. With a steel backing and an almost indestructible coloured coating, these panels require no fabrication and are ideal for high footfall areas prone to graffiti.
Our porcelain cladding panels offer an elegant and modern solution for your cladding needs, boasting either A1 or A2 fire ratings, making them a top choice in non-combustible cladding panels.
Planning Your Next Project?
Reach out to discover how Valcan's leading cladding solutions can enhance the look and efficiency of your development. Whether you're an architect, installer, or looking to invest in significant developments, our expert team is on hand to advise you on the perfect cladding system tailored to your unique project.
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What is a rainscreen system and what does it do?

The rainscreen system enables you to deliver long term proven performance for thermal, acoustic and fire resistant applications. By incorporating insulation in the cavity you can easily improve the thermal properties of a new or existing building. 

Whatever your target U-Value is we can provide a rainscreen system that compliments your main building structure to achieve this goal whilst maintaining its resistance to fire spread.

Rainscreen cladding is often employed alongside other waterproofing and weatherproofing techniques to create a highly effective barrier against water damage. By choosing Valcan's high-quality rainscreen cladding panels and systems, you ensure the best protection for your building, enhancing its longevity and durability.
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Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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