Complete Fibre Cement Cladding Systems for Safe, Natural-looking Buildings

Choose from a variety of colours and finishes with secret or face-fix installations.

Complete All-in-one FIBRE CEMENT Cladding Systems

From sheathing board to cladding panels, our system comes with everything you need to achieve a nature finish for your building.


Discover the many benefits of our complete fibre cement cladding systems that are sure to elevate your next building project:
Textured tactile finishes
Shot sawn, sandblasted, raised grain, embossed and routered.
Promote a sustainable future
With our energy-efficient systems that reduce your building's environmental impact while enhancing its energy efficiency.
Unleash your creativity
With our cladding's endless aesthetic appeal and versatility, with a huge choice of colours and various thicknesses the perfect choice for any building type or style.
Experience complete peace of mind with our full system warranty
Knowing all components come from a single trusted source and are well-supported.
Streamlined specification and hassle-free installation
Save you valuable time and money, without sacrificing quality or style.
Enjoy the ease of use,
Low-maintenance, and long-lasting performance of our systems, providing a safe and stylish finish for any building that stands the test of time.
meeting and even exceeding industry regulations and standards for a building that lasts.

Our fibre cement cladding systems offer architects, installers, and clients a complete solution that simplifies the process of creating their desired architectural design.

Our comprehensive approach means that clients no longer have to worry about sourcing different components from multiple suppliers, as our complete fibre cement cladding systems provide everything they need in one place. 

With our all-in-one solution, clients can save time and money, while also ensuring their building is safe, stylish, and durable for the years to come.

Key Components

Our fibre cement cladding systems come as a complete package consisting of the following key components:
ProcellaPro Sheathing Board:
Provides a solid substrate for the rest of the system and improves energy efficiency.
Fixings & Accessories:
Ensure that the system is securely fastened and provides a professional finish.
Breather Membrane:
Allows moisture to escape while keeping the building airtight and waterproof.
VitraFix® Subframe System Components:
Provides a secure and reliable subframe system for the cladding panels.
Enhances thermal performance and noise reduction.
Ceramapanel® Cladding Panels:
Fibre cement panels are available in a wide range of finishes, perfect for new builds or recladding projects.
Fire Barriers:
Ensures the building is fire-safe and meets all relevant regulations.
Each component is carefully designed and tested to meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring that your building is safe and durable.

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Colour Name Search

Colour Name Search

Finish Range

Finish Range


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Teal
  • Violet
  • Warm
  • White
  • Yellow

1111 Vanilla Ceramapanel

5022 Night Blue Ceramapanel

1021 Light Slate Ceramapanel

7015 Slate Grey Ceramapanel

7002 Olive Grey Ceramapanel

2004 Pure Orange Ceramapanel

3020 Red Ceramapanel

1001 Beige Ceramapanel

1001 Bleached Cotton Ceramapanel

1111 Vanilla Ceramapanel

8000 Green Brown Ceramapanel

1011 Rain Cloud Ceramapanel

7001 Silver Grey Ceramapanel

7009 - Green Grey Ceramapanel

4006 Traffic Purple Ceramapanel

3000 - Flame Red Ceramapanel

1014 - Ivory Ceramapanel

2051 Ripe Mango Ceramapanel

1111 Vanilla Ceramapanel

Clay Brown Ceramapanel



Ceramapanel Secret Fix System

Our secret fix fibre cement cladding system offers a modern and sleek finish without any visible screws or fixings. This method of installation involves mounting the cladding panels onto a support structure using a concealed fixing method that is hidden from view. Our system uses brackets, rails and undercut anchors to securely fix the panels to the subframe, creating an uninterrupted surface that is both stylish and secure.

Ideal for both commercial and residential construction projects, our secret fix system is easy to install and provides a durable and low maintenance cladding solution that is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Our fibre cement panels are known for their superior strength, making them an ideal choice for a variety of building types and styles.
Example Typical Drawings
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Ceramapanel Face-Fix System

Our face-fix system offers all of the finishes, textures, thicknesses and certification of the secret fix system but is installed using a face-fix method. This is the ideal system for when budgets dictate a more cost effective solution.

Cost is reduced by removing the need for factory-fit brackets to the back of the panel as the face-fix panels are simply riveted (using colour coded rivets) directly onto the VitraFix subframe system.
Example Typical Drawings
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you design?
We are not designers, we only provide the components to create a magnificent façade. We have a network of partners that are designers if you need help in designing the external façade. 
Do you Install?
We are not cladding installers, however we have an Installer Partner Network of installers. Be rest assured that we can find the right installer for your job. 
Can you fabricate?
We are not fabricators, we have a network of partners who we can trust to ensure your design, vision and installation requirements are met. 
Do you have typical drawings for the system?
Yes, we can provide drawings for each element of the system 
Are all components from Valcan?
We work in partnership with trusted suppliers for items such as fire barriers, breather membranes, insulation, and main substrate fixings on the market. With these powerful partnerships, we are able to deliver complete cladding solutions with a full system warranty, designed to take your building to the next level.
What products do you manufacture?
We are the manufacturers of VitraDual, Ceramapanel, VitraFix, ProcellaPro, VitraNamel, VitraBond, Xtral and Evverlap. In addition to the products we make, we also distribute other brands such as Frontek.

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Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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