Zinc Cladding

Vitrabond Zinc Cladding: The Future of Durable, Cost-effective, and Aesthetic Architectural Solutions.

Vitrabond Zinc is a natural Zinc composite cladding panel, featuring a front zinc skin on a 4mm panel or ersatz zinc which is aluminium coated with a PVDF finish to replicate the look and feel of zinc. Vitrabond Zinc makes for a fantastic façade material as it is resistant to corrosion, extremely durable and does not require costly maintenance. 

Vitrabond Zinc cladding is flexible, formable and offers unique aesthetics that make it perfect for all styles of architectural and building projects, giving the real look at only a fraction of the cost of the real metal. Our Zinc Range consists of Authentic finishes such as Glacier Grey Zinc, Smokey Blue Zinc, Gannett Green Zinc, Sonoma Red Zinc and Onyx Black Zinc and our more popular Synthetic Range which consists of Zinc Light, Zinc Dark, Zinc Charcoal and Zinc Blush.

Key Features of Zinc Cladding

Fire Rated

Vitrabond Zinc is available with our non-combustible range of material, this is primarily the Vitrabond A2 and some finishes are available with our Vitradual A1 Panels.

Any building over 18m high requires full compliance with the new government regulations on combustible cladding. Since the issues relating to fire in high rise buildings, there have been extensive reviews in to what is a suitable material and build up for rainscreen facades. We have taken our products to the maximum levels of testing both for fire and extreme weather so you can be assured of only the best certificated materials for your building. You can read all this on our guide to compliant cladding mentioned above.

Fixing Systems

Vitrabond Zinc cladding is design and fabrication friendly as any of our colour and finishes, this may vary on some of the natural metal finishes due to the way the coils are produced and the makeup of the metal. We have standard fixing methods which can be found in our product technical brochures and our technical team are always on hand to assist and guide fabricators and installers of the best ways.

Cost Effective

Vitrabond Zinc cladding offer the contemporary look of the real material whilst being much more cost effective than the authentic metals. The beauty of the synthetic finishes is that panels will not re-act to weather conditions and the atmosphere as real metals can do.

Natural Zinc

Natural zinc uses two 0.5mm zinc skins sandwiching a FR or A2 core. Zinc is naturally healing, weather resistant and forms a patina over time.

Ersatz Zinc

Synthetically finished Vitrabond and Vitradual ersatz Zinc use the renowned PVDF KYNAR 500 or FEVE paints that provide exceptional durability, and optimum weather and UV resistance, and does not form a patina over time. The ersatz is a more cost effective option. Vitrabond Zinc cladding is very popular with customers wanting to achieve the authentic look with out the added costs.

With the authentic range, coils are produced from the natural metal so there are no paint systems involved.


Natural zinc panels do not come with a warranty for the finish itself as this is a natural product designed to weather and change over time, which is part of it’s natural beauty and aesthetic appeal. Our ersatz range comes with our standard warranty when installed correctly by a recognised installer. The warranty for each installation may be longer or shorter depending on the product, fitting method used and location. Valcan warranty gives you the extra quality assurance you need when choosing a façade material you want to last.

Low Maintenance

Vitrabond and Vitradual ersatz Zinc has undergone over 40 years of exposure testing to confirm the superior durability and low maintenance of the fluoropolymer coatings. Vitrabond natural zinc naturally weathers and requires little to no maintenance depending on environmental factors. As set out in the warranty for the installed panels, our materials require very little maintenance on a yearly basis.

Natural Zinc Cladding Specifications

Vitrabond Zinc cladding is made using a titanium alloyed zinc pickling process with pure electrolytic high grade zinc alloyed with 1% titanium and 1% copper for a strong, durable finish.


Zinc cladding often offers elegant shades of natural grey however with both our authentic and synthetic ranges we have options that include a red and black zinc option. All these finishes are highly durable and weather resistant.The slate finish is a simple finish that makes the surface develop a patina as if it had been exposed to the elements for several years. This does not in any way lessen the lifespan of the material but merely replicates the look and feel of weathering.The graphite finish is a charcoal finish on the natural zinc panel system. Mineral pigments are added to the surface to create a natural looking eye catching finish that preserves the natural texture of the panel.In addition to our zinc cladding, we have a large selection of natural and weathered metal finishes such as Corten and Patina Copper, Natural Copper and Brushed Gold along with stone finishes which mimic the look of natural stone and can have the extra dimension of a textured surface.Our Vitrabond cladding is available in a full range of RAL colours, custom colours and effect finishes so there is always numerous ways you can make your buildings stand out.To see the full range of colours available, see our colour chart.

Benefits of Natural Zinc Cladding

Aesthetics – Vitrabond Zinc offers a distinctive, unique and eye-catching design for an original surface finish to any architectural project. Zinc responds to the play of light on the surface making for an elegant and modern finish.

Formability – despite its rigidity and strong surface strength, zinc cladding is highly malleable with the option curve and bend the panels into complex shapes.

Lifespan – zinc is highly resilient to corrosion and the elements. Zinc develops a natural patina over time which protects the metal itself from the elements. The panels require minimal maintenance and will not need to be recoated during their lifespan as the Zinc surface continues to develop a protective layer throughout its lifetime.

Specification – Vitrabond Zinc can be laid at angles from five degrees to vertical, allowing for a wide range of architectural styles and building designs.

Recyclable – Vitrabond Zinc is 100% recyclable.

High Performance

The Zinc cladding skin is a rolled zinc alloyed with copper and titanium to produce a façade panel system that has optimal mechanical and physical characteristics. The material has one of the best mechanical resistance and creep resistance of any cladding system on the market. Vitrabond Zinc is comprised of high quality zinc Z1, 99.995% purity, to which titanium and copper are added.


Our Vitrabond Zinc product was used to create this incredible modern facade for the Lofts development at Ordnanace E1. The panelled zinc creates an eye catching facade designed to the capture the eye and increase the aesthetic appeal of the development.

For more information on this project take a look at the case study here.

Physical Properties

Adding copper to the alloy increases the mechanical resistance of the panelling system, making it harder and stronger whilst titanium increases creep resistance, minimising metal fatigue under thermal expansion and contraction.

With synthetic finishes, the look of the natural finishes can be achieved however you will not get the natural aging/ weathered effect. These panels are designed to look like new for years to come. These effects can be fabricated in the same way as the natural metal coils but may not hold the same recyclable properties.

Physical Characteristics

Thermal expansion coefficient (parallel to the rolling direction) 33.10. 6/k
Melting point420c
 Termal conductivity 110w/(m.K)
Chemical Composition
Controlled CharacteristicsVitrabond Zinc SkinEN 988 Standard
ZincZ1 with limited Pb and CdZ1

Mechanical Properties

Controlled CharacteristicsVitrabond Zinc SkinEN 988 Standard
0.2% Proof Strength110-150 N/mm100 N/mm
Tensile strength163N/mm2150 N/mm
Elongation at fracture61%35%
Bend TestNo cracks on fold 2+OxaNo cracks on fold
Straightening after bendingNo fracture 
Creep Resistance(during one hour under a load of 50 N/m2)0.08%0.1%
Bend test at 4 xNo fracture 
Stamping (Erichsen test)7.5mm depth without cracking 
Vickers hardness (HV3)45 
Yield strength126N/mm2 
Tensile test after bending0.88 


1000mm (Standard)2500/3200/40003mm/4mm (Standard)6mm
DensityKp/dm32.3325 & KSF 4737:2003
Resistance of contaminationGrade5
Tensile strengthN/mm51.2
Flexural strengthN/mm140.93
Peel load of adhesivesN/25mm112.33


Vitrabond Zinc was used at 310 Kingsland Road in London to create this stunning external facade for the main staircase running up the outside of the building. Valcan supplied all of the fitting system and zinc cladding panels for this project.

For more information on this project take a look at the case study here.

To discuss your project and find out how Valcan can provide you with our Vitrabond Zinc contact us today using our contact form here, by calling us on 01278 428245 or emailing us at enquiries@valcan.co.uk.

Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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