First Construction Products Achieve CCPI Verification at Celebration Event

Valcan have passed the CCPI Organisational Assessment stage of the verification process and are now actively working on product sets in process and onto the market over the coming weeks and months.

The first construction products in the UK to achieve verification with the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) were highlighted at a celebration event yesterday in Central London. A variety of manufactured construction products, materials and systems achieved CCPI verification. They are listed below. These will become the first products on the market to carry the CCPI mark, helping to give confidence to product users that the product information for these products is clear, accurate, accessible, up-to-date, and unambiguous.

The CCPI Assessment and Verification Event saw construction product manufacturers come together with other key stakeholders, to recognise their shared commitment to higher standards in building safety through higher standards in construction product information and product claims. Dame Judith Hackitt’s Independent Review into Building Safety stimulated the development of the CCPI scheme to help drive improved product information management. Dame Judith joined the event and addressed manufacturers engaging in the process to mark their journey with CCPI towards verification of their products sets and welcomed those already achieving product sets verified against the Code.

To build on the first verified product sets announced today, more product sets are already in the verification pipeline and progressing well with expectation to come through the process and onto the market over the coming weeks and months.  are: ACS Stainless Steel, Axter, Bauder, British Gypsum, BTS Facades, CGL Systems Ltd, Euroform Products, Fire Protection Ltd, Knauf Insulation, Marley, PFC-Corofil, Recticel, Siderise, Sika, Soprema, Tenmat, Valcan, VJ Technology and Voestalpine. More companies of different sizes, manufacturing all different types of construction products, are registering and working through the process every month.

The CCPI is playing a pivotal role in driving up standards in product information as the construction industry adapts to a new and improved building safety regime post-Grenfell.

Amanda Long, CCPI Chief Executive Officer, said: “The CCPI assessment and verification is a robust process looking not just at the product set information for verification but also the company culture and management systems to support a high standard of product information management. We are delighted to confirm the first product sets qualifying for the CCPI Mark which will now begin to be seen in the market.  I hope this will inspire more manufacturers to start their journey towards product information verification against the CCPI. Next, we will see the demand-side seeking out CCPI verified products as we roll out our Supporters Offer and our Merchants and Distributors Code”.

About the Code for Construction Product Information

The Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) helps to provide assurance that any product information, whether written in a brochure, a presentation, or on a website or social media, is clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible and unambiguous.

There are eleven Clauses of the CCPI (see below for more information) which cover a wide range of matters from responsibility for product information, to accuracy of and clarity of performance claims made, general information and competency.

The aim is that clients, specifiers and users will insist on only working with CCPI compliant products.

The CCPI will ensure:

  • Independent and robust verification, working to build more confidence with the public and external stakeholders and setting the market for UK construction products ahead of others.
  • Participating companies will benefit fundamentally from organising their systems and processes in relation to product information – supporting compliance with anticipated new regulatory requirements and giving specifiers, clients more confidence regarding the information provided on the performance and use of the construction products they select.
  • A focus on culture, leadership and ethics, CCPI will build more confidence, and support an environment for healthy challenge within organisations helping to generate product information that is reliable and correctly stated.

As the Building Safety Regulator and National Regulator for Construction Products get established, CCPI is an effective way to help the industry demonstrate it is up to the challenge and responding to the issues being raised.

Construction Product Information Ltd (CPI Ltd) is a not-for-profit organisation which is independently governed and administers the CCPI.

For more information about CCPI click here.

Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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