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We are excited to announce that Valcan is now offering accredited CPDs for construction professionals in the facade and construction sector, which can be delivered via Microsoft Teams or face-to-face at a place of your choosing. Our CPD program is dedicated to sharing our experiences and helping you make the correct choices for your building projects, specifically focusing on Safe Cladding Solutions for Higher Risk Buildings.

Our 1-hour accredited CPD covers essential topics such as an introduction to safe cladding solutions, an overview of rainscreen cladding and how it works, fire regulations including ADB Vol 2 amendments and how they affect your project, compliance following the ban on combustible cladding, EN13501-01 classification explained, the difference between A1 & A2 classifications, testing options, Valcan solutions such as fibre cement, ACM, and aluminium, a project gallery, the Golden Thread, and a questions & answers session.
Our CPD program is designed to help construction professionals better understand safe cladding solutions and comply with current regulations, ensuring that their projects are safe and meet government standards. Whether you prefer virtual or face-to-face learning, we can deliver our CPD program in a way that suits you.

The Safe Cladding Solutions for Higher Risk Buildings CPD is the first in a series of CPDs that we will be offering, with more courses to follow. As a CPD provider (21338) for 2022-2024, we are committed to offering valuable and informative CPDs to help construction professionals stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and best practices.

To register for our free accredited CPD sessions, please visit our website and sign up for the Safe Cladding Solutions for Higher Risk Buildings CPD in March 2023. We look forward to helping you improve your understanding of safe cladding solutions and compliance regulations, whether you choose to attend virtually or in person.

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