Introducing The Stone Create Range

Our Stonecreate range mimics natural luxury stone finishes to create a sense of opulence and elegance at a fraction of the cost these normal materials would cost. We are able to match any stone effect you need but offer a range of luxury finishes including Marble and Granite.
Why Use Stonecreate?

The Stonecreate range is ultimately more cost effective than the materials it mimics although it looks almost identical.

The stonecreate range also has significant building advantages over other materials. Cladding panels are light weight, easy to fabricate and offer unparalleled machining opportunities. If you are working on high elevations or facades this material reduces installation times dramatically as they are lightweight and easy to position and install.

The stonecreate range also creates a strong aesthetic appeal which is ideal for corporate offices, lobby’s and client facing business areas.
What’s in The Stonecreate Range?

Our white marble effect is one of the most popular effects for a classic finish. Mimicking the opulence of the classical world this is the ideal cladding material for external facades, lobby’s and other high impact areas. Brown and Green Marble create a modern luxury look with rich warming colours.

Black granite is ideal for corporate spaces that need to make a professional impression. It also works exceptionally well externally thanks to its striking colours and high resistance to dirt and the elements.

Red Granite is another popular choice as it has that extra pop of colour that can be paired with other solid Vitrabond reds or accessories to make a statement.

Stone Match Service
Valcan offer a complete colour and colour effect matching service so if you want a different stone effect please contact us directly to discuss your requirements. You can also view the full cladding colour chart here.
Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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