Mini Salesroom Swindon

Dick Lovett is one of the leading prestige car dealers in the UK and the Mini showroom in Swindon needed to reflect this prestige image and the prestige of Mini’s themselves.

A new Mini rolls off a production line every 68 seconds and the cars have an iconic, if not legendary status thanks to both their size and quality. The brand has always had an unconventional approach and has constantly evolved to meet the demands of modern markets – just like ourselves we like to think!

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Why Did Valcan Win the Work?
Valcan were able to win the work as the architect wanted to use aluminium composite panelling in the Mini brand colours. We were easily able to supply the colour match and were able to deliver all materials in a prompt fashion. The high quality of Vitrabond panels means the end result perfectly reflects the prestige image the company required. 

Colours Used on This Project
This project used Vitrabond 4mm aluminium composite panels with a VB9130 black finish.

Fixing Method
The panels were attached using the secret mechanical cassette fix method to create this neat curved finish.

Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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