The Importance of Correct Cladding Installation

With the cladding industry constantly under the spotlight, the issue of correct cladding installation methods is a serious issue but sadly not one that tends to make the front pages. This blog post looks at the three main points that need to be considered when installing any form of exterior façade: fire performance, weathertightness and installation engineering. Finding the right balance between these areas is critical to creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing façade. It can also be the deciding factor on whether a wall build-up is compliant or not.

When considering the fire performance of your façade, the installation method is likely the most important factor.

 Manufacturers design and test systems with a particular installation method so it’s important to replicate the design set out in the installation guidelines for the specific product you are planning to use on your project to achieve the proven fire performance.
Weathertightness is also an important function of the façade and imperative to the longevity of any building. Whilst rainscreen cladding systems are not weather-tight, they work with the natural elements to protect the main structure of the building – if correctly designed and installed. We at Valcan Ltd have a standard range of systems with typical details of tested systems, and we can assist you in choosing the correct façade for your project.

Highlighting the importance of correct installation methods is key to ensuring that the performance of your façade meets the standards set by the manufacturer.

As a responsible manufacturer, Valcan Ltd is committed to ensuring safe and compliant use of its full range of façade products. Valcan Ltd has developed an informative training CPD, which is free to book and is presented by one of the in-house façade Consultants. You can book your free training CPD here
Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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