Tower Block Fire – Ferrier Point, Newham, London

The Ferrier Point tower block in Newham, London was stripped of dangerous ACM cladding in 2019 and replaced with VitraDual® A1 rated non-combustible PVDF pre-coated rainscreen cladding panels, manufactured by Fairview.

Unfortunately a fire gutted a flat in the tower block on Monday 22nd June 2020 – the fire broke out of the window, however the use of VitraDual® A1 was proved to be well-chosen, as the system completely prevented any fire spread via the façade and did all that it is meant to do in a real-life fire.

Had this fire occurred before the block was re-clad, the results could well have been completely different and catastrophic.

VitraDual® is A1 rated to BS EN 13501-01, BR135 certified and CWCT tested.

Stocked at our Bridgwater UK factory for fast delivery, this fantastic product is the rainscreen cladding of choice for any high-rise hotel, flats, student accommodation, schools, hospitals, leisure centres or any other building, where fire safety, superb aesthetics and a long warranty are required.

Correctly installed as a tested and proven system in conjunction with our VitraFix® support framing – VitraDual® is a quality and safe solution for both new-builds and re-clad schemes offering peace of mind to the building owner, client, resident and contractors alike.

Contact our helpful technical team for more information on how you can use this product on your project – +44(0)1278 428 245 or drop us a line at
Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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