FRONTEK is an A1 rated, non-combustible extruded porcelain facade panel. Cost effective light weight and robust, FRONTEK is suitable for use to modern commercial and residential buildings where a natural / stone façade is desired. The panels are secretly installed and can be used all modern construction types

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Benefits of FRONTEK cladding panels

  • Long lasting, Low maintenance panels
  • High strength and environmental durability
  • Sound dampening Benefits
  • Wide range of finishes to mimic natural stone facades
  • Non-combustible – Achieves A1 rating*
  • Available as a complete cladding system with carrier
  • Cost effective
  • Short lead times and fast installation time frames

Fixing Systems

FRONTEK is installed in 1 of 2 secret fixed rainscreen system

The VFI+ system uses hook on clips that are mechanically attached to the Vitrafix VF1 vertical rails as pictured here

The VFI Super + utilises a horizontal channel that is attached to the Vitrafix VF1 vertical rails – this system allows for vertical panel joints to be staggered and anywhere in isolation to the SFS studs in the back wall

Working with FRONTEK

Design And Installation Of FRONTEK Cladding Panels

FRONTEK’s porcelain cladding panels are easy to work with and provide a multitude of design options. We offer an extensive range of finishes of finishes to mimic many natural stones and Terracotta systems as well as wood affect finishes.

Design Features

Porcelain is a highly durable material and the FRONTEK panels are designed with ease installation in mind. Within the Vitrafix range we offer a secret fix system for installing the panels in both portrait and landscape orientation with no unsightly face fixings. Panels can be cut to size and mitred for corners etc as required


The FRONTEK panels are available in more than 80 finishes, this offers a wide range of textured and polished solutions, to which are added the latest designs with digital technology allowing spectacular effects that reproduce with exquisite realism the beauty of quarry stone, wood or impressive metallic effects

The Volume product range can be used to create the appearance of planks in the panels, this is particularly useful to create the appearance of ‘shiplap’ cladding installation but with a completely A1 rated facade solution


FRONTEK extruded porcelain facade panels are available in a wide range of finishes that mimic the look and feel of wood, stone and metallic panel types


The latest trends in exterior design dictate that the texture of the surfaces takes on increasing importance. We see and enjoy it in art, nowadays artists invite us to touch and caress the surface of their works. Discover with the sense of touch what is visible to be able to appreciate the beauty proposed by rough, bush hammered surfaces …


This collection offers a multitude of finishes inspired by natural rocks, endowing the building with the elegance we all desire and combining with the advantages provided by alvelolar porcelain. Our exclusive extrusion production process allows us to reproduce in a very short time what nature takes centuries to achieve, improving the properties of quarry stones and respecting the environment.


Get to know our exclusive design models to dress the facade with metallic sparkles while maintaining the many advantages of technological extrusion ceramics, among which its great lightness and durability stand out.


This is a perfect option to endow the façade with the delicacy, distinction and warmth that wood provides, but with the technical advantages that extruded porcelain gives it. Choosing any model from this collection you will get a skin of the building, inspired by the warmest vision of nature, with the tranquility that is respecting our forests, and with the confidence that its facade will resist without altering itself under the most demanding environmental conditions.


Manage to take your designs beyond the graphic to play with shapes, spaces and light. Through grooves, grooves and gutters, you will be able to give new alternatives to the design of the facades.


Eternal collections that transport us to a new texture while maintaining our own identity.

Key Features

A1 Rated Non-Combustible

FRONTEK porcelain cladding systems are A1 rated non-combustible meaning there is no contribution to fire at any stage. This meets with all cladding insurance and building requirements for all structures over 18m high. 

High Durability

The nature of porcelain materials means that they are highly impact resistant, long lasting and extremely strong. The finish requires little maintenance to ensure the facade looks as fresh as the first day.

Cost effective  

Porcelain facade panels offer a cost effective alternative to terracotta and natural stone materials and due to the overall light weight, offer savings on install labour and carrier system required.

Standard sizes are:

  • Width(mm)  405mm – XXL panels available on some finishes at 1000mm
  • Length (mm)  800mm and 1000mm – XXL panels available on some finishes at 3000mm
  • Weights: 32kg/m2
  • Delivery: Panels can be delivered across the UK and Europe. All panels are wrapped and packed on quality pallets and delivered via our own transport to ensure safe arrival.


FRONTEK extruded porcelain cladding panels achieved the following certifications shown in the images below. Full details and downloads of all certifications are available in our Technical Centre here or at the bottom of this page.