ProcellaPro is a non-combustible A1 fire rated, calcium silicate-based fibre cement board using cellulose fibres for structural strength. ProcellaPro is used as a building board or sheathing board for many applications where a non-combustible solution is required.

The board is pre-squared to large format sheet size of 2500 x 1200mm as standard on the production line.

ProcellaPro achieves A1 rating to BS EN 13501-1 (with a PCS value of 0.85MJ/kg) making this suitable for any project over 18m, unlike some cement particle boards which contain wood chip.

ProcellaPro is available in 12mm thickness, as standard, giving your walls additional rigidity and strength and excellent sound damping.

ProcellaPro is less absorbent than plasterboard, timber or sheathing board containing timber fibres (such as some cement particle board). The calcium silicate and cement base used in the production process makes the board highly resistant to insect and fungal attacks.

ProcellaPro - non-combustible A1 fire rated, calcium silicate-based fibre cement board

Installation of ProcellaPro

This board is easy to cut using rail/plunge saws and standard conventional site tooling.

Installation is easy using the Vitrafix VFSDPP4.838 Countersunk Self Drill fixings back to lightweight steel wall frames. ProcellaPro can also be installed back to timber wall types as required.

Typically a 2500 mm x 1200 mm board will require 27 fixings when installed in a vertically orientation and 25 fixings when installed in horizontal orientation.

Fixings centres should be a maximum of 600 mm horizontally (to the wall studs behind) and maximum of 300 mm vertically. Edge distances are between 15 mm – 50 mm. For more information see the ProcellaPro typical details under downloads.

ProcellaPro Characteristics

Density1400 (+/- 150) kg/m3
Weight18.06kg/m2 (12mm panel)
Board Length2500mm standard (2700mm and 3000mm also available)
Board Width1200mm (1250mm also available)
Thickness12mm standard (10mm also available)

Typical applications

  • Sheathing board for external face of SFS / stud framing
  • Wall linings internally
  • Tile backer board
  • Roofing boards
  • Ceilings
  • Render Boards

Benefits of ProcellaPro

  • Sound dampening properties
  • Insulation fixings can be screwed into the panel
  • High strength
  • Easy to fabricate on site
  • Fast lead times
  • A1 fire rating to BS EN 13501-1


ProcellaPro® is:
- Non-combustible - A1 Fire Rated
- Less absorbent than plasterboard
- Easy to fabricate on-site
- High Strength
- Fast lead times

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