Boden Factory, Optimus Point, Leicester

Distribution warehouse for iconic British fashion brand, Boden

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Cassette Fix





Car Parks


Custom selected RAL colours

Optimus Point is one of the prime, most sought-after, warehouse/distribution locations in the UK, situated directly off junction 21a of the M1 motorway. 

This 65-acre site offers design and build packages for industrial warehouses ranging from 30,000 sq ft to 150,000 sq ft.

The state-of-the-art facility was developed for Wilson Bowden working with Stephen George and Partners architectural practice.

Vitrabond was specified on this project due to great pricing and stocks to enable quick delivery to site. Valcan supplied the material direct to CA Group who fabricated the material to create this clean and sleek finish to the buildings.

About Leicester
Leicester is one of the oldest cities in England, with a history going back at least two millennia. The native Iron Age settlement encountered by the Romans at the site seems to have developed in the 2nd or 1st centuries BC. Little is known about this settlement or the condition of the River Soar at this time, although roundhouses from this era have been excavated and seem to have clustered along roughly 8 hectares (20 acres) of the east bank of the Soar above its confluence with the Trent. This area of the Soar was split into two channels: a main stream to the east and a narrower channel on the west, with a presumably marshy island between. The settlement seems to have controlled a ford across the larger channel. The later Roman name was a latinate form of the Brittonic word for “ramparts” (cf. Gaelic rath and the nearby villages of Ratby and Ratcliffe), suggesting the site was an oppidum. The plural form of the name suggests it was initially composed of several villages.

About Valcan VitraBond

Valcan can supply a number of different rainscreen facade materials and cores to suit your building requirements. We are constantly working to stay up to date with the latest legislation on building and fire regulations and provide the best materials on the market. Vitrabond is an increasingly well known brand in the building trade and is closely followed by our other non-combustible materials.
We strive to be the No.1 supplier for any facade cladding so we are continuing to under go extensive testing on all our products. 

We aim to certificate them to the highest possible standards to ensure our customers that they not only have the best product possible for their project but they can be re-assured that it has gone through rigorous testing to achieve the status it has. All our products come with a long warranty so if in a rare case anything should happen to the materials we are there to support you.

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