Bradstowe House, Harrow

Project Details:



Fixing Type:

Rivet Fix





Residential: high-rise


Cornish Granite & Riddle Grey

Bradstowe House is a fascinating opportunity to not only rescue an historic building, but also do it in such way that will make the property sustainable. When Comer Homes decided they wanted their piece back after experiencing one too many economic downturns under this roof (pun intended), what came up wasn’t anything short of astounding: The long abandoned concrete frame had become nothing more than dust and decay; its glory days forgotten — until now!

Bradstowe House, designed by Comer Homes’ UK in-house architects is a contemporary landmark for Harrow. The building’s curving glass and steel form give way to ample underground parking as well the roof top terraces which make this development an iconic example of modern architecture that can be found anywhere from London city all too small towns across England!

Bradstowe House offers a diverse range of rental apartments that are designed to suit your needs. With modern kitchens and fully integrated appliances, our high-quality homes offer the perfect space for gatherings with family or friends alike!

The old cladding of the building was very outdated and it required a lot of maintenance. The new planning permission allows for an aluminum panel (Valcan VitraDual) curtain walling system, which is much more durable than granite panels while also having better insulation qualities!

Valcan supplied and delivered approx. 4100m2 of Valcan VitraDual in Cornish Granite & Riddle Grey.

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