Celtic Springs Cancer Centre, Newport

The Rutherford Cancer Centre, South Wales

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9809 Copper Metallic, 9601 Silver Metallic

Cardiff-based Proton Partners International has raised £100m for its first three centres in UK at Newport, Northumberland and west London – with a view to another two in Birmingham and Liverpool and centres overseas in the medium-term. Proton beam therapy is highly important in treating cancerous tumours found in places that can be difficult or dangerous to reach with surgery and has fewer side-effects than standard radiotherapy.

‘The Rutherford Cancer Centres are at the forefront of innovative cancer care. With our commitment to excellence and a patient-centric approach, our South Wales centre provides an all-encompassing cancer service, delivering world-class proton therapy treatment, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and imaging services, including MRI and CT.’

Celtic Springs Cancer Centre in Newport, Wales: It will be the first site in the UK able to perform proton beam therapy, a new and highly advanced form of radiotherapy.

It is close to finalising the acquisition of a former 30,000 sq ft private hospital building at the Celtic Springs business park in Newport. When the centre starts treating patients late next year, they will come from across Wales, the south-west of England and as far north as Manchester. Each centre has an investment cost of around £30m and will treat, on average, 400 patients a year – as they move towards maximising capacity for 700.

Valcan Vitrabond A2 was selected for the cladding of this fantastic building, designed inside and out to focus solely on the patient experience. From arrival to treatment, the exterior and interior of the building maintain a calming atmosphere to help patients overcome the inevitable anxiety associated with cancer diagnosis, treatment and medical institutions in general. One of the massive benefits of Vitrabond panels, besides being very cost-effective, is the colour range it comes with.

About Newport

Compared to many Welsh towns, Newport’s economy had a broad base, with foundries, engineering works, a cattle market and shops that served much of Monmouthshire. However, the docks were in decline even before the Great Depression, and local unemployment peaked at 34.7% in 1930: high, but not as bad as the levels seen in the mining towns of the South Wales Valleys. Despite the economic conditions, the council re-housed over half the population in the 1920s and 1930s. In 1930 the Town Dock was filled in.

Newport has been a port since medieval times, when the first Newport Castle was built by the Normans. The town outgrew the earlier Roman town of Caerleon, immediately upstream, and gained its first charter in 1314. It grew significantly in the 19th century, when its port became the focus of coal exports from the eastern valleys of South Wales. Until the rise of Cardiff from the 1850s, Newport was Wales’ largest coal-exporting port. Newport was the site of the last large-scale armed insurrection in Britain, the Newport Rising of 1839 led by the Chartists.

About Valcan VitraBond

Valcan is the sole European manufacturer of Vitrabond. We are able to supply a full-colour matching solution for any design brief and have short lead times for all projects. Vitrabond offers an incomparable range of designing options thanks to its versatility and workability. The panels can be machine cut, routed, roll-bended, folded, routed and perforated without loss of structural integrity. This makes it easy to create the right visual feel to any project.

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