Cezanne House, London

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Fixing Type:

Secret FixDiscrete Fix




Residential: high-rise


Bleached Cotton 1001 + 4 Custom Ral Colours

The Cezanne House project was a re-clad of flats in London, formerly called Monet and Lackenel House.This entailed demolition of an existing building, and a 5 storey concrete frame built to accommodate 28 apartments. The project utilised Valcan’s A1 non-combustible products to ensure the requirements of the Approved Document B were met for high rise projects.

Panels were installed using the undercut anchor secret fix method on 12 mm Ceramapanel with the secret fix rail system. VitraDual panels were fabricated into discrete fixed cassette/tray panels. This install method allows for clean and crisp panel joints as seen in project photos.

About Valcan VitraDual & Ceramapanel

VitraDual is a pre-coated aluminium rainscreen façade panel that offers A1 fire rating on any colour and an extensive range of substrates as well as being fully BBA accredited, CWCT tested to 3.6kPa wind loadings and boasting lengthy warranty periods.

Ceramapanel is a 8mm or 12mm compressed fibre cement panel which achieves A1 and A2 rating. It is a non-combustible panel which comes in a wide range of colours and finishes. The main advantage of this material is that it can be used anywhere due to its fire properties, this can be ground level buildings or high rise tower blocks.

Ceramapanel is a through coloured product which offers excellent sound proofing qualities and has options for anti-graffiti coatings and other natural stone textures.

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