Products:  Vitrabond
Colours:     Smoke Silver Metallic (9134), Champagne Metallic (9205), Corten (5360)
Finish:        Metallic Finishes, Naturaline Metal Finishes

Project Completed: Chestnut Park School, Croydon

Chestnut Park School is one of Croydon’s newest primary schools. The new school has been jointly funded by the council and the Education Funding Authority and embraces new innovative design features. Designs include a secure rooftop deck where children can embrace education outdoors.

The new design included modern facade materials which Valcan were pleased to supply. The colours chosen were; 5360 Ersatze Corten, which is weathered steel look a like product. Overtime steel produces a rust like appearance called corten and eliminates the need for painting. 9205 Champagne Metallic which is a very light gold with a glitter effect giving the metallic look and likewise 9134 Smoke Silver Metallic which is a dark grey. The metallic finishes can either be bright and cheerful or sombre and traditional and are often associated with grandeur, sparkle, glitz and glamour. The metallics create their own stunning finishes or can be paired with other solid or detail effects to create truely unique veneers.

About Vitrabond

Vitrabond is an aluminium composite material comprising of two aluminium skins encompassing a core. This core can be FR or A2 rated. FR, which is a fire rated core and achieves a B rating to Euro-Class EN13501-1 standard. The FR core is a popular product for buildings under 18m high that are not requiring a non-combustible material. A2 Core is top achieving Vitrabond product. A2 core achieves A2 rating to EN13501-1 standard and is deemed a limited combustible product.

All Vitrabond products are very versatile and are easy to fabricate and install. Panels can be cut, rolled, routed, roll-bended, folded and perforated with our loss of its structural integrity.

The Vitrabond range comes in a huge variety of colours from bold statement solid colours to sleek metallic, chromatic, metal and wood effects.

About Chestnut Park School

Chestnut Park Primary School aims to be a school of excellence where every child is both challenged and inspired to achieve beyond their dreams. The unique character of Chestnut Park Primary School is captured within their core values which will enable children to Grow, Learn and Flourish to become STRONG, responsible, forward thinking and confident citizens. Their STRONG values form the basis of their behaviour for learning policy.