Location:       Coventry
Products:       Vitrabond
Installation:   Custom standing seam installation
Colour:            1255 Anthracite Grey


Project Update: Coventry & Warwickshire MIND

The St Clair Gardens centre will be for adults with an enduring moderate to severe mental illness requiring a safe setting in which to engage with and participate in a rehabilitation and recovery-based therapeutic programme. The facility will play a key role in preventing hospital admissions, speeding up hospital discharges and providing local care for people who receive support a distance from their families. Residents will be offered a temporary home at the site based on their individual needs and requirements.It is important, as with any centre like this to create

About Coventry & Warwickshire MIND:

The principle activity of Coventry & Warwickshire Mind are to promote the preservation and the safeguarding of mental health, to support people with mental health problems, especially in the Coventry, Warwickshire and the Midlands area. These objectives are achieved through the delivery of a range of intervention and services for Adults, Older Adults, Children & Young People,.

About Vitrabond:

Valcan is the sole European manufacturer of Vitrabond. We are able to supply a full-colour matching solution for any design brief and have short lead times for all projects. Vitrabond offers an incomparable range of designing options thanks to its versatility and workability. The panels can be machine cut, routed, roll-bended, folded, routed and perforated without loss of structural integrity. This makes it easy to create the right visual feel to any project.

About Coventry & Warwickshire MIND:

Coventry & Warwickshire Mind is a local mental health charity affiliated to Mind: the leading mental health charity in England & Wales. For almost 50 years they have been developing and delivering quality services with, and for, people with mental health problems.
They want to make sure that everyone with a mental health problem gets the support they need and the respect they deserve. This could mean having access to information, a listening ear, or more specialist support and services to help someone to live and recover from their mental health problem.