Flamingo Court, Crampton Street, London

Project Details:



Fixing Type:

Rivet Fix





Residential: low-rise


Golden Ash

Flamingo Court is one of 3 buildings arranged on a plot of land bounded by Crampton Street, Amelia Street and the railway viaduct from Kings Cross to Croydon. An access ramp is located off Amelia Street to the East side of Flamingo Court providing entry and egress to an underground car park and service area below the paved area between the buildings.

The Flamingo Court apartment complex is a desirable place to live. There are two staircases that lead up from Crampton Street, which facilitate 19 residential units. One of these has ample accessible studio space on the ground floor and it’s served by lifts so people can easily navigate their way around this luxury residence.

Egress points both east towards an elevated walkway leading out into traffic below; but also west down some steps right next door where there’s plenty more room for cars along narrow lanes.

As part of remedial works to the building, over 600m2 of Valcan VitraDual in Golden Ash was installed by Craft Interior to the building’s façade. The cladding panels are A1 Fire Rated which makes them non-combustible, the perfect cladding panel for a safe façade.

About Valcan VitraDual

For more information on Valcan VitraDual, our colour matching service or any of our products please get in touch with us on 01278 428 245 or email us enquiries@valcan.co.uk.

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