Products:     Vitrabond
Colours:        Smoke Silver Metallic (9134), Chromatic Sahara Copper (7190), Sparkling Dark Grey (7250)
Finish:           Metallic Finishes, Sparkling & Chromatic
Installation: Rivet Fix


Premier Inn in Bedford was included in a reclad project after the group reviewed their fire safety procedures and materials used on their buildings. Due to the building being over 18m high the cladding system used was no longer deemed up to regulation requirements and therefore had to be upgraded to a suitable rated product.

The two main classes now allowed by the Government are A1 and A2 rated products and anything achieving a rate below this will no longer be suitable.

Class A1 products are described as having no contribution to fire at any stage. BS EN13501 sets several thresholds for combustion performance when tested to both EN ISO 1716 and EN ISO 1182. One of these thresholds is a maximum heat of combustion of 2MJ/kg. Typical products meeting this classification include most inorganic materials such as stone.

Class A2 products are described as having no significant contribution to fire at any stage. BS EN 13501 sets several thresholds for combustion when tested to EN ISO 1182, or both EN ISO 1716 and EN 13823. One of these thresholds is a maximum heat of combustion of 3MJ/kg. A typical product meeting this classification is plasterboard.

For comparison, Wood has a typical value of 15MJ/kg.

The group opted for an upgrade to our Vitrabond A2 (A2,s1-d0 classified to BS EN13501-01) to match the existing colours of the building which are 7250 Sparkling Dark Grey, 9134 Smoke Silver Metallic, 7190 Midnight Copper. Due to our diligence in successfully carrying out the required BS8414 part 1 and part 2 testing and with the product accredited by the BBA and CWCT, it was a reliable and easy choice to make as well as being cost efficient with a quick lead time for the project.

About Vitrabond A2

Vitrabond A2 is included in our limited combustibility solution range and achieves A2 rating in Euro-Class EN 13501-1 classification. The material comes in a wide range of finishes and effects from wood effects, high gloss & natural finishes to colour changing chromatic effects, stone and metallic effects as well as being able to be matched to any specific colour required. Due to this you can achieve the look you want whilst having the peace of mind that you have a great, certificated product that meets all the current building specification requirements.

About Premier Inn

The Premier Inn Group combine “The Soundest Sleep”, “Seriously Tasty Food”, “Suitability for all ages” and global presence to make them an award winning chain.

They continue to expand in to new locations and offer the “latest modern bedrooms and bathrooms, family friendly restaurants and free Wi-Fi.”