Southampton City Gateway

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Fixing Type:

Rivet Fix







Bronze Metallic (9308), Anthracite Grey (1255)

Southampton Gateway is a new modern accommodation block for students of the Highfield Campus. The complex includes facilities such as a pharmacy and doctors surgery, fitness centre and its own convenience store. 

The accommodation blocks are widely en-suite rooms with some studio flats and are designed to BREEAM ‘Very Good’ standard. Valcan were pleased to be a part of this project supplying Vitrabond A2 rainscreen cladding in 9308 Bronze Metallic 1255 Anthracite Grey. The finished project is part of the skyline as it towers over the existing buildings giving a modern edge to this historic port city.

Southampton is the largest city in the South East of England and a major port. It is famous for its association with the RMS Titanic, the Spitfire and one of the main departure points for D-Day. It continues to be a home port of some of the largest cruise ships in the world and hosts a large retail shopping centre.

Southampton is a great place to study, live and work. It offers a vibrant and varied nightlife, numerous leisure facilities and fascinating heritage attractions, as well as a marina and lots of green spaces. There really is something for everyone.

Its waterfront location gives Southampton its own distinctive character. The city has a rich maritime heritage and a focus on water sports, sailing and ocean racing.

It is well-connected too, with two mainline train stations, an international airport and easy access to cross-channel ferries.

About Valcan VitraBond

Vitrabond A2 Marine Grade material is designed specifically for waterfront projects or projects within 1 km of water. This is an extra coating which further protects panels against marine environment elements. With all marine installations we recommend that panels are installed as cassettes to keep panel edges from being directly exposed to further defend the material from excess moisture or matter from saltwater and shore sides.

Vitrabond A2 is product described as having no significant contribution to fire at any stage and deemed as a non-combustible product. Vitrabond A2 is suitable for any project up to and over 18m high and is growing ever popular along with our solid aluminium product Vitradual which achieves an A1 rating.

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