Location: South Hedland WA
Products: Vitranamel
Architect: ARM Architecture

Wanangkura Stadium is Port Hedland new multi‐purpose recreational centre. The name for the centre was chosen from hundreds of local submissions and means ‘whirlwind’ in the local Kariyarra language. The title pays tribute to the centre’s design, which architect Sophie Cleland likened to a cyclonic pattern, creating a ‘shimmering, rippling effect on an otherwise flat landscape’. Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett called the Centre ‘… a spectacular piece of architecture that will become a landmark for Hedland’.

ARM Architecture’s approach to the design considered this building as a mirage – a shimmering, rippling effect on an otherwise flat landscape. Using a ‘halftone’ pixelated technique, the buildings entry facade acts as a clear visual image from long distances, whilst being highly agitated on closer inspection. The opposite side faces the Kevin Scott oval, accommodating related facilities along the oval, including a spectator’s stand, change rooms and spectator suites.

Thanks to The Fairview Group’s extensive colour range of Vitranamel, ARM Architecture were able to create stunning effect they wanted. Vitranamel was chosen over Vitrabond due to its extremely robust and durable properties which is essential for such a building which has heavy traffic and exterme wear. Vitranamel is a decorative high strength architectural panel with an incredibly tough, almost indestructable finish. It consists of a vitreous enamel coating on a decarbonised steel panel, with a honeycomb or calcium silicate core. Vitreous enamelled architectural panels are routinely specified for commercial, institutional and infrastructure projects around the world; perfect for high impact areas such as train stations, shopping malls and tunnels.


Vitreous Enamel Vitranamel Panel


Our Vitranamel decorative cladding uses a vitreous enamel coating to create a stylish facade finish with a honey comb or calcium silicate core. Find out more today.

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Vitrabond aluminium cladding is a lightweight metal composite panel for use in facades, cladding and sun blades. Find out more today.

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Fibre Cenebt Cladding

Ceramapanel – Fibre Cement Concrete Cladding Panels

Our Ceramapanel fibre cement cladding panels are a cost effective cladding solution available in a range of natural finishes and our full colour range. Find out more today.

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Vitradual Cladding


VitraDual Aluminium Cassette Cladding is a non-combustible, high impact resistant solid panel providing exceptional durability and mechanical benefits.

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Vitrabond Zinc Cladding

Vitrabond Zinc is a natural Zinc composite cladding panel, featuring a front zinc skin on a 4mm panel or ersatz zinc which […]

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