Valcan | Proud to support the Rapid Relief Team

Valcan are proud to be a Smarrt Supporter of the Rapid Relief Team (RRT). RRT delivers hope and relief to people across the globe, whether it be fire, flood, humanitarian need, RRT expands their support services to meet the crisis at hand.

Rapid Relief Team (RRT) is a global charity organization that provides catering assistance and support to charities, government agencies, and emergency services during times of crisis and need.

RRT's dedicated volunteers, including many from the Valcan team, work tirelessly to help those in need in various countries around the world, including the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, the Caribbean and Canada

In addition to their on-the-ground assistance, RRT also runs the Smarrt Supporter Program, which recognises and acknowledges the generosity of their sponsors who support their mission.

The RRT have collaborated with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity who have been providing emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support to the boots on the ground workers and their families, since 1956.

To help make a difference to the lives of those in the industry, RRT began the RRT’s Construction Community Connect campaign by providing meals at Lighthouse stand-up days and other events, where attendees are encouraged to access support services and get talking.

To learn more about RRT and their impactful work, visit their website at


Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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