We are pleased to be able to offer our leading rainscreen cladding and facade products as a Revit Building Information Modelling (BIM) Catalogue along with our existing National Building Specification (NBS) templates. 

The BIM catalogue and NBS Source specifications make it easy for you to design with our cladding panels and integrate them into your architectural projects. 

You can download our BIM catalogues and NBS Source templates by clicking the links below, alternatively if you click on the product options this will link you to the specific fixing options and BIM files for that product as well as being able to add this directly into your project within Source.

Should you need anything extra on the specification or this in a Word document format, please do not hesitate to contact our team on +44(0)1278 428 245


Our non-combustible aluminium cladding system. Available in a discrete cassette or rivet fix and in an unlimited colour range. A1 rate.

For more information, visit the VitraDual product page here


Our cost-effective fibre cement cladding panel system. Available in rivet fix, timber fix and secret fix and in an unlimited colour range. A1 or A2 rated.

For more information, visit the Ceramapanel product page here


EvverLap is a non-combustible fibre cement weatherboard using cellulose fibres for additional strength and finished in a smooth face or a teak wood grain effect.

For more information, visit the EvverLap product page here


Our carrier system range offering systems for installing all panel types from face fixed to secrete fixed systems

For more information, visit the Vitrafix product page here


ProcellaPro is an A1 rated fibre cement panel used as a building board or sheathing board for many applications where a non-combustible solution is required

For more information, visit the ProcellaPro product page here