Ceramapanel are 8 or 12mm compressed fibre cement cladding panels finished with a natural stone or colour effect.

Cost effective to produce and easy to install cement facades are particularly suited to modern commercial, residential and industrial buildings, where a natural façade is needed. They are able to conceal common structural materials and provide sound dampening benefits.

Benefits of Ceramapanel Cladding Panels

  • Non-combustible – Achieves A1 and A2 rating
  • Cost effective
  • Impact resistant
  • Proven performance in harsh environments globally
  • Short lead times and fast installation timeframes
  • Panels supplied pre-squared
  • Long lasting
  • Low maintenance panels
  • Can be finished off-site for easy and efficient installation
  • High strength and environmental durability
  • Through coloured
  • Sound dampening Benefits
  • Graffiti Resistant when coated with acrylic treatment (Natural+ range)
  • Wide Colour Range & Finishes


Class A1 – Products are described as having no contribution to fire at any stage. BS EN 13501 sets several thresholds for combustion performance when tested to both EN ISO 1716 and EN ISO 1182. One of these thresholds is a maximum heat of combustion of 2MJ/kg. Typical products meeting this classification include most inorganic materials such as metal and stone.

Class A2, s3, d2 – Products are described as having no significant contribution to fire at any stage. BS EN 13501 sets several thresholds for combustion when tested to EN ISO 1182, or both EN ISO 1716 and EN 13823. One of these thresholds is a maximum heat of combustion of 3MJ/kg. A typical product meeting this classification is plasterboard.For comparison, Wood has a typical value of 15 MJ/Kg.


Sizes Ceramapanel Sizes

ThicknessSheet SizesNominal Weight
8mm2500 x 1250, 3050 x 1250mm14.4kg/m2
12mm2500 x 1250, 3050 x 1250mm21.6kg/m2


Our cement panels are highly durable and boast; Immunity to permanent water damage in both short and long-term exposure Will not rot, burn or corrode, and is unaffected by termites, air, steam, salt and sunlight Not adversely affected over a temperature range of -20°C and +60°C The longevity of cement fibre panels can be enhanced by periodic inspection and maintenance. Inspections should examine the coatings, flashing and seals. Paint finishes should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Any cracked or damaged finish or seals which will allow water ingress should be repaired immediately.


Ceramapanel comes in two main colour ranges; the Natural range and the Natural+ range. The Natural + range is a coated finish and gives the colour a deeper, richer tone. This is an alkali- resistant varnish using a UV polymerizing system to make the sheets resistant to graffiti. This allows the panels to be cleaned more easily and maintained for many years. The Natural range resembles nature’s earth tones and has a much more natural look.

Ceramapanel Natural Range

Natural 1001
Bleached Cotton
Natural 1011
Rain Cloud
Natural 1021
Light Slate
Natural 1031
Natural 1041
Natural 1051
Natural 1061
Natural 1071

Warm Tile

Natural 1081
Hearth Brick
Natural 1091
Natural 1101
Natural 1111



Ceramapanel Natural+ Range

Natural+ 2001


Natural+ 2011

Shadow Rock

Natural+ 2031


Natural+ 2031

Chalk Board

Natural+ 2041


Natural+ 2051

Ripe Mango

Natural+ 2061

Somerset Apple

Natural+ 2071

Fired Clay

Natural+ 2081

Burnt Orange

Natural+ 2091


Natural+ 2101


Natural+ 2111




Ceramapanel Textured

Ceramapanel offers a wide range of finishes that mimic the look and feel of textured cement designs for that extra uniqueness on your façade.



A ribboned effect giving the panels a subtle grooved finish.

Shot Sawn

A smooth but pitted surface giving depth and texture to the facade surface.


This is a grooved panel – the grooves can be as close or as far apart as required to suit your project.

Painted Finish

Ceramapanel can be finished in any RAL colour


We are continuing to work on our range of finishes to give you the best. These are custom printed samples which we are working to be able to print to any design you require. This is currently in the research and development stages so we can only offer small quantities of this.


Cement facades are easy to work with and provide a multitude of design options. We offer a range of natural finishes in standard colours (see technical information brochure). Our natural finish range is our most popular choice with a smooth cement, shot sawn or grooved natural finishes available to create a range of stone and natural effects.


Cement façade panels are designed for high durability and with an easy fixing system. They offer; Colour coded fixing systems using wafer head screws Expressed Joint appearance Tested Weather Resistance and can withstand extreme wind pressure.


Our panels are designed to be simple to install and maintain and offer a long lasting solution. They feature; Visible or Secret fix option available Exact Dimension panels for precision installation Pre-set tolerance guidelines for fixing framing Diverse Pre-fabrication options Ability to replace individual panels easily

Fixing Types

Please follow the links below to download full fixing details.


Rivet Fix AssemblyTimber Fix Assembly Secret Fix



Great Eastern Street Hotel, London

Great Eastern Street Hotel offers 125 bedrooms in a grade 2 listed public house in Shoreditch London. The architects wanted a fibre cement panel solution which was textured to meet the aesthetic of the area whilst creating a long lasting, visually striking facade
Cement Cladding on Great Eastern Street Hotel schooli


Wentworth Point Marinas

Wentworth Point Marinas sit in the heart of Sydney and are a modern residential building with a stunning “Five Shades of Chili” cement façade. The designers wanted to create a rich, warm building and Ceramapanel was the perfect accoutrement to the building.
Broadwater Cement Cladding Facade



The surface may show variations in tone and appearance which adds to the aesthetics of the material. Naturally occurring white flecks may be visible which adds to the aesthetics of the material. For more information on Valcan products please download the brochures below, contact us directly here or on 01278 428 245 or order samples here.