Ceramapanel are 8, 10 or 12mm compressed fibre cement cladding panels in through coloured or a painted finish.

Cost effective to produce and easy to install, cement facades are particularly suited to modern commercial, residential and industrial buildings, where a natural façade is needed. They are able to conceal common structural materials and provide sound dampening benefits.

Benefits of ceramapanel cladding panels

  • Non-combustible – Achieves A1 rating*
  • CWCT tested
  • Available as a complete cement cladding system with carrier
  • Cost effective
  • Short lead times and fast installation timeframes
  • Panels supplied pre-squared
  • Long lasting, Low maintenance panels
  • Can be finished off-site for easy and efficient installation
  • High strength and environmental durability
  • Through coloured with wide Colour range & finishing options
  • Sound dampening Benefits
  • Graffiti Resistant when coated with acrylic treatment (Natural+ range)

*Difference between Ceramapanel A1 and A2

Ceramapanel as standard is available as A1 rated to BS EN 13501-1 which is non-combustible and the best choice for high rise projects worldwide, if your project can accept A2-s1, d0 rated which is limited combustibility, there is a cost saving to be had by specifying Ceramapanel A2

Fixing Systems


Secret fix of Ceramapanel can be carried out on 10mm or 12mm thick panels. Vitrafix VF3 brackets are installed to the back of the panel and these then locate onto the Vitrafix VF3 rails

Screw / Timber

Ceramapanel 8mm, 10mm or 12mm panels are installed back to timber battens and attached using colour matched screws


Ceramapanel 8mm, 10mm or 12mm panels are installed back to Vitrafix VF1 or Vitrafix VF2 carrier system and are then secured in place using colour matched rivets

Design and Installation

Design And Installation Of Fibre Cement Cladding Panels

Fibre cement cladding panels are easy to work with and provide a multitude of design options. We offer a range of natural finishes in standard colours (see technical information brochure). Our Natural colour range is the most popular choice available in 4 main finishes: 2 smooth faced finishes, dimpled / shot-blasted and a grooved finish, these all help to create a range of stone effects with natural nuances.

Design Features

Cement façade panels are designed for high durability and with an easy fixing system. Ceramapanel is available with colour coded fixings from Vitrafix range used for face fixing panels; either with rivets or pan head screws.    Panels can be easily cut to form expressed joints. Ceramapanel is tested to BS EN 13501-1 for fire classification achieving A1 rating and has been tested withstand extreme wind pressure under CWCT testing regimes

Construction Features

Our panels are designed to be simple to install and maintain and offer a long-lasting solution. They feature; visible or secret fix options, are available cut to exact dimension for precision installation, diverse Pre-fabrication options and the ability to replace individual panels easily.


Ceramapanel comes in a total of 26 colours across two natural through-coloured ranges; the Natural range and the Natural+ range and is also available in customised Painted RAL range:

  • The Natural range resembles nature’s earth tones and has a much more natural stone like appearance.   The Natural colour range is available in the full textured finishes, RAW, Sandblasted, Shot-Sawn, Touch, Contour Groove and Contour Lines
  • The Natural+ range used the same colours as the Natural range however this is finished with an alkali-resistant varnish using a UV polymerizing system to make the sheets resistant to graffiti.   This coating gives the colour a deeper, richer tone and allows the panels to be cleaned more easily and maintained for many years.
  • The Natural+ colour range is only available in the Textures Raw finish

View Valcan’s full product colour chart here

Edge Sealant

Ceramapanel range (like all fibre cement cladding products) absorbs a certain amount of moisture, on the Natural colour range the panels can ‘breathe’ through the face and rear of the boards and dry out. The Ceramapanel Natural colours do not require any sealant applied to the cut/drilled edges after processing

Ceramapanel Natural+ colours have a coating on the panels that resists graffiti, this coating also prevents moisture ingress and subsequent egress – it is important that once panels have been cut/drilled that Ceramapanel Edge Sealant is applied. The sealant is supplied free of charge with ordered material (1ltr/250m2 of 8mm), any additional sealant required is chargeable – this is a stocked item at Valcan, contact us to discuss your needs


Ceramapanel offers a wide range of finishes that mimic the look and feel of textured cement designs for that extra uniqueness on your façade.

Key Features

A1 Rated Non-Combustible

Ceramapanel cladding systems are A1 rated non-combustible meaning there is no contribution to fire at any stage. This meets with all cladding insurance and building requirements for all structures over 18m high. 

High Durability

The nature of fibre cement facades means that they are highly impact resistant, long lasting and extremely strong. The finish requires little maintenance and can also be graffiti resistant with our Natural+ range.

Cost effective  

Cement cladding panels are cost effective compared to other materials with similar properties. As a result, we are also able to offer short lead times on the product in a range of colours and finishes. As an approximate guide, Ceramapanel is 10% more cost effective than other fibre cement panels and around 15-20% more cost effective than an aluminium system

Standard sizes are:

  • Width(mm)  1220 or 1250 – custom widths available on request
  • Length (mm)  2500 or 3050 – custom lengths are available on request
  • Overall panel thickness 8mm, 10m or 12mm
  • Weights:
    • 8mm = 14.4kg/m2
    • 10mm = 18kg/m2
    • 12mm = 21.6kg/m2
  • Delivery: Panels can be delivered across the UK and Europe. All panels are wrapped and packed on quality pallets and delivered via our own transport to ensure safe arrival.


Our fibre cement cladding panels achieved the following certifications shown in the images below. Full details and downloads of all certifications are available in our Technical Centre here or at the bottom of this page.

Case Studies

To view more case studies, visit out projects page here



The surface of Ceramapanel may show variations in tone, appearance and coloured spots/flecks which adds to natural aesthetics of the material. The porosity of Ceramapanel allows the panels appearance to change with wet weather conditions and when dried out return to the original colour/tone. Each panel is naturally unique and it is recommended that over large projects, panels are mixed from pallets. For more information on Valcan products please download the brochures below, contact us directly here or on 01278 428 245 or order samples here.

Please note:- Ceramapanel is made using natural materials and as such the colours can vary between batches as well as tone variations occurring across panels within the batch, we therefore recommend that the whole project is placed as one order. If more material is needed for a project, please send a sample of a panel from the project and we will aim to match as closely as possible