Vitrafix is an aluminium or stainless steel carrier system deemed non-combustible under the European Directive which provides a solution that allows a wide range of panels to be installed on any building from flat sheet systems through to cassette panels and secret install systems using undercut anchors.

Benefits of Vitrafix

  • Non-combustible – Under the European Directive
  • Lightweight – Vitrafix is incredibly rigid and lightweight and is therefore also easy to install.
  • Versatile – Vitrafix has a standard range of brackets but can be offered in custom sizes to suit your specific requirements.
  • High Durability – Vitrafix uses highly durable grades of aluminium for peace of mind and longevity.
  • Cost Effective – Vitrafix is a cost-effective solution for facade installation.
  • Project specific calculations – the Vitrafix system comes with project specific details where and when required.
  • Coated profiles – when required rails can be coated to ‘black out’ joints.

Fixing Systems

Vitrafix VF1

The VF1 system uses helping hand/L brackets installed against the wall and then aluminium L/T profiles - each bracket has an adjustment range of 30mm and from smallest to larges bracket, the range is 50-386mm. For larger cavities, VF1 can be combined with the VF2 system. VF1 system is used where insulation is required externally and panels are to be installed as face fixed or cassette panels.

Vitrafix VF2

The VF2 system comprises of top-hats and Z angles formed from aluminium or steel depending on project requirements. The VF2 profiles as standard are 15-50mm. VF2 is used where a facade has no requirement for external insulation with face fixed or cassette panels or when the helping hand brackets do not line up with SFS studs within the wall.

Vitrafix VF3

The VF3 system uses horizontal C channel rails and brackets attached to a VF1 or VF2 sub carrier frame and is suitable for fibre cement, stone or laminate type products. The C brackets are attached to the rear of the panel using undercut anchors, these brackets then attach to the C channel rail and are fixed into place. The VF3 range is 30mm ontop of the VF1 or VF2 system depth.

Vitrafix VF4

The VF4 system uses horizontal C channel rails and brackets and uses the VF1 or VF2 sub frame systems similar to the VF3 system however the brackets are attached to aluminium panels either by stud welding or structurally bonding. The VF4 range is 30mm ontop of the VF1 or VF2 system depth.

Vitrafix VF5

The VF5 system is designed for projects where a floor spanning system is required, each project is worked on a job-by-job basis, each bracket and profile is unique to the job. The VF5 system is suited to face fixed and cassette panel systems and can also be used as a sub carrier for the VF3 and VF4 systems.

Key Features

Standard Sizes are:

  • VF1 brackets are available as standard in 100mm, 140mm, 180mm and 200mm options giving adjustment range from 100-236mm. Custom brackets are available from 50-350mm
  • VF1 rails are available as 100x50mm T rails and 50x50mm L rails – these can be coated to black out joints as required. Rail length is 3m or 6m.

  • VF2 Top-hats are available as standard in 15mm to 50mm depths and horizontal U channels in 2 widths to suit single and double brackets – 3m lengths as standard
  • VF3 C channels are available in lengths of 3m or 6m and brackets available for a wide range of undercut fixings. Rails can be coloured to black out joints as required.
  • VF4 C channels are available in lengths of 3m or 6m and brackets available for a wide range of undercut fixings. Rails can be coloured to black out joints as required.
  • VF4 system is a custom system on a project by project basis.

Vitrafix colour matched fixings and installation accessories

Valcan offer a full range of fixings for assembly of the framing systems and the installation of our rainscreen panel systems

Self drilling fixings for bracket to wall and rail to bracket can be supplied in either A2 or A4 grades of stainless depending on project requirements

For faced fixed projects, rivets supplied are available as either Aluminium/A2 stainless or full A4 stainless grade. Rivets are supplied colour matched to the specified panel to ensure a discrete as possible installation is achieved

For discretely installed cassette systems on VitraDual, we supply our self-drilling low profile pan heads in an A4 stainless steel colour matched to the specified colour

The fixing itself, while critical to ensuring panels are securely installed, is only 1 part of the process, ensuring the correct tools are used further enhances the installed aesthetics and longevity of the project

A full range of drill bits are available to ensure correct fixing holes are drilled for the panel

A range of centralising tools is also available, we recommend these are used as this ensures that the face fixing is centred in the panel hole allowing the correct spacing for thermal movement

Nose piece adapters can vary depending on the profile of the rivet head, we offer 2 options for our range of rivets and recommend that these are used on all installations to prevent over-tightening of fixings which restricts thermal movement of panels and can cause a negative aesthetic to the finished facade

Non-Combustible and Weather Tested System

Vitrafix is deemed as non-combustible under the European Directive and has also tested within Valcan’s BS8414 tests with Vitrabond/A2 and VitraDual – all tests are compliant to BR135 requirements.

Vitrafix has also been successfully tested to CWCT standards at a safety loading of 3600pa with Vitrabond/A2 and VitraDual panel systems.

VitraDual gives the insurers, architects, contractors and building owners peace of mind on product specification.

Case Studies