VITRANAMEL is a decorative cladding material, featuring a vitreous enamel coating on a decarbonised steel panel, with a honeycomb or calcium silicate core.

This results in a high strength architectural panel with an incredibly tough, almost indestructible finish.

 Working with Valcan

Valcan offer a complete service to your company including manufacturing, delivery and fabrication through our distribution network nationwide. Thanks to our high stock levels, we are able to provide fast lead times. We offer cut-to-size panels and a full colour matching service as well as stock colours. Contact Us Today to discuss your project requirements or order samples directly here. Alternatively read more below.

Advantages of Vitranamel:

DURABILITY: VITRANAMEL vitreous enamel panels are extremely robust and durable.

  • The vitreous enamel coating has excellent scratch and impact resistance, making it the ideal product for areas of heavy traffic or extreme wear.
  • Impervious to UV rays and extreme weather conditions
  • High resistance to acids and alkalis
  • It is also graffiti resistant allowing graffiti to be easily removed without damaging the panels.

COLOURFASTNESS: The vitreous enamel coating of VITRANAMEL has a far superior colour consistency over time when compared to typical cladding panels. The colour and gloss level of these panels are unaffected by sunlight, and are available in an almost unlimited colour range. The original colour of the vitreous enamel is expected to outlast a normal building life. NON-FLAMMABLE: VITRANAMEL is completely non-combustible, and can withstand temperatures of over 400°C. Architectural vitreous enamel coated panels are able to provide fire ratings of over 2 hours. LOW MAINTENANCE: VITRANAMEL is very low maintenance. The surface is extremely smooth and extremely low static, preventing dust adhesion and resulting in only minimal cleaning required periodically. VERSATILE: VITRANAMEL can be custom designed into a wide range of shapes and dimensions. This compiled with the vast colour range and options, including printed graphics, make VITRANAMEL almost unique in its range of options and applications.

Wanangkura Stadium

Wanangkura Stadium is one of the most visually striking Vitranamel projects we’ve ever created and it showcases the design option available thanks to our unlimited colour scheme matching. The architect for this project wanted to create a whirlwind, shimmering effect so chose bright colours contrasted to dark colours to create a new iconic landmark for the area. Vitreous Enamel was the ideal choice not only for colours but also for its exceptional durability.
Vitreous Enamel Steel Cladding Facade Wanangkura Stadium


Vitreous enamelled architectural panels are routinely specified for commercial, institutional and infrastructure projects around the world. Providing unrivalled performance in the areas of impact resistance, non-combustibility, colour fastness and durability, vitreous enamelled panels are regularly selected in high impact areas such as train stations, shopping malls and tunnels. Thanks to our unlimited custom colour matching they provide unrivalled design opportunities and are highly suited to corporate office or business location branding.


McDonald’s used Vitranamel for this restaurant thanks to its easy to match colour service and because of its exceptional durability. Vitreous enamel is very easy to clean and maintain which makes it the perfect choice for hygiene and branding in a busy restaurant.
Vitreous Enamel Decorative Steel Cladding McDonalds

Product Composition

Panels comprise a 1.5mm thick steel skin prefabricated into a cassette panel to the required shape and size. The panels are prefinished in multiple layers of baked vitreous enamel coating to the specified colour. The cassette is then bonded to a calcium silicate support panel and a 0.5mm backing sheet for excellent strength and rigidity.

Vitreous Enamel Panel Composition
  1. Vitreous Enamel Topcoat
  2. Vitreous Enamel Ground Coat
  3. Decarbonised Steel
  4. Calcium Silicate Backing
  5. Steel Backing Sheet

The composite material is rigid, resistant to blows, breakage and pressure, and has high bending, buckling and breaking strengths.


All Vitranamel panels can be ordered in custom dimensions. Vitranamel is available in lengths up to 2400mm and widths of up to 1200mm.


Weights for 1.5mm skinned, 10mm backing; Calcium Silicate Core – 35kg/m2 Honeycomb Core – 22kg/m2


Vitreous Enamel panels come pre-fabricated and can be machined to 45 or 90 degree angled corner panels for easy installation and a clean design finish. They can be curved to a minimum radius of 300mm for pillars and other architectural uses.   For more information on Valcan products please download the brochures below, contact us directly here or on 01278428245 or order samples here.