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VitraBond A2 Aluminium Cladding

A2-Rated Non-Combustible Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding

A lightweight metal composite cladding panel, ideal for external facades, fascia, rainscreen cladding and sun blades.

VitraDual® A1 Aluminium Cladding now supersedes VitraBond in our range of Aluminium Cladding solutions.



Well established in the market, VitraBond is recognised by Architects, Builders and Installers as the superior composite panel cladding solution. With our huge stock levels, unlimited colour range, and our continual product development, we are readily available to meet your requirements.

As a company whose prerequisite is your satisfaction, we offer our cut-to-size and special colour services to make installation of your metal cladding systems quick and easy for all parties involved in the project.

Achieves A2-s1, d0 Rating to BS EN 13501-1
Contact us for certificates.
You can truly make your project your own with VitraBond.
without sacrificing quality
Create different architectural styles
High durability makes VitraBond the perfect choice for long-term projects that demand the best.
Low Surface Stress.
You can trust that VitraBond will continue to deliver excellence long into the future.
We offer a range of all-in-one cladding systems from breather membranes, fire barriers to VitraBond cladding panels.
VitraBond has achieved the following certification. Full details and downloads of all certification is available on our resources page here and at the bottom of this page.


Panel Specifications

With the use of VitraBond on many prestigious projects across the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and North America, it is chosen by architects and designers as the rainscreen façade of choice.
3200mm or 4000mm – custom lengths are available from 1000-6000mm
1000mm, 1250mm or 1500mm, 1750mm and 2000mm
Panel Thickness:
1150 (+/- 75) kg/m3
Nationwide & European Delivery: We deliver panels across the UK and Europe. Rest assured, all panels are securely wrapped and placed on high-quality pallets. They are transported via our dedicated fleet to guarantee their safe arrival at your location.

Customer-Arranged Pickup: If you'd rather arrange transportation. Just give us a heads-up at least 48 hours to ensure your order is ready for collection.
VitraBond consists of two aluminium or other natural metal cover sheets enclosing an A2-rated core. This simple concept gives it various advantages for both Architects and Installers. It is stable yet readily mouldable, extremely weather resistant, and easy to install.

VitraBond rainscreen cladding panels comprise two metal sheets with mineral-filled polymer or mineral-filled core (A2) available. Composite panels are available in standard or custom sizes.

For more in-depth and technical information, refer to our downloads section here.



Colour matching options are available where we can match the current façade colours or if you supply a recognised colour reference, i.e. RAL.

We provide an extensive and complete range of standard colours and can provide custom colours for exact branding matches. VitraBond cladding systems can match colours to your corporate branding or to the design flair of the architect. VitraBond can also be matched to timber finishes giving you a compliant, A2 rated wood look-a-like façade.

Panels can be machined, rolled, folded and remain easily attachable. This allows you to create powerful, visual, recognisable facades that reflect your branding.


Fixing Options

To ensure the best installation is completed, we recommend the use of VitraFix framing system and accessories – use of VitraFix centralising tools will ensure that rivets are centred in the hole to allow for correct thermal movement and using the correct VitraFix nose piece adapter for the rivets will prevent over-tightening of fixings – for more information on installation accessories, contact the team at Valcan.

Cassette Fix

Panels are fabricated into tray/cassette panels with folded returns on all 4 sides, fixings are then installed in the reveal/joints rather than being visible on the face.


Panels are installed as flat sheets with fixings on the face of the panel, these can be colour matched to the panel as requested.


Design & Installation

Design and installation of fibre cement cladding panels

We can supply a full-colour matching solution for any design brief and have short lead times for all projects. VitraBond offers an incomparable range of design options thanks to its versatility and workability. The panels can be machine cut, roll-bended, folded, routed and perforated without loss of structural integrity. This makes it easy to create the right visual feel to any project.

Design Features

VitraBond panels are designed for high durability and efficient fixing within our carrier systems. Panels are available with colour-coded fixings from the VitraFix range. The panels can be easily machined on or off-site.

VitraBond has been tested to the following standards:

  • CWCT wind load testing with safety pressure of 3600pa in both face fixed rivet and cassette panels
  • BS EN 13501-1 achieving A2-s1, d0
  • BS8414 parts 1 and 2, meeting the requirements of BR135

Construction Features

Our panels are designed for straightforward installation and maintenance. They feature visible or discrete fixing options, can be pre-cut to exact dimensions, and have a wide array of prefabrication options.

Fire Tested & Weather Tested Systems

VitraBond A2 has undergone CWCT weather testing to wind load safety of 3600pa as well as several BS8414 system tests to both parts 1 and 2 satisfying the requirements of BR135 certification. The panel has also been tested to BS EN 13501-1 achieving A2-s1, d0 meeting the requirements of the Approved Document B for high rise buildings in the UK.

BS EN 13501-1:
A2-s1, d0
BS8414 / BR135:
Pass / Compliant

High Durability

VitraBond has acceptable durability and can be expected to have a service life in excess of 30 years. For more information regarding installation and maintenance please refer to our technical brochures, available below.

Low Maintenance

Cladding system maintenance is simple and cost effective. An annual* cleaning regime is recommended using soapy water or a pressure hose. Annual maintenance inspections should be carried out to check that features such as panels, flashing and seals are in place and ancillary fixings are secure. Damaged panels can be replaced on an individual basis without compromising structure integrity.

*Depending on location, some buildings particularly those in areas of high pollution, may need a wash down more often.


Resources & Downloads

Here are our latest downloads for VitraBond. If you're looking for something that’s not in this list, give our sales team a call on 01278 428245.

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Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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