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A1* Rated Non-Combustible Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding

VitraDual PVDF coil coated 5754-grade aluminium panel is A1* rated to BS EN 13501-1 for any colour/finish and is designed to provide a solution that can be fitted as cassette panels, standing seam effect, planks, flat sheets and so forth.  



VitraDual offers a crisp and sleek, aesthetically pleasing appearance.  It's cost-effective and non-combustible (A1* rated to BS EN 13501-1). 

The benefits of VitraDual aluminium cladding panels are as follows:
A1 rated* to BS EN 13501-1 for any colour or finish. Please see below Fire Reports and BBA Certification for Classification Limitations and Criteria.
Vitradual (2-3mm) panels have been tested in accordance with ‘Standard for Systemised Building Envelopes CWCT, 2006'
View the certifications here
Valcan VitraDual is incredibly rigid and lightweight - typically 8.13kg/m2 for a 3mm thick panel.
VitraDual (3mm) has been accredited by the BBA
View the certifications here
Valcan VitraDual can be custom-designed into a wide range of shapes and dimensions as well as able to be perforated or curved in some applications making it a versatile design choice.
Easy to maintain compared to other coating systems due to the micro-porous surface allowing most contaminants to be easily washed off.
Low surface stress and tension levelled.
Valcan VitraDual only uses the highly recognised PVDF KYNAR 500  or FEVE paints known for their high durability, providing the optimum resistance to weather, seawater and industrial pollutants.
Valcan VitraDual panels are highly durable and impact resistant for use in all categories as defined in EAD 090062-00-0404, see BBA 20/5824 section 6.7.
VitraDual has up to a 30-year warranty - transferrable on application. Contact us for more information
complete systems
We offer a range of all-in-one cladding systems including breather membranes, fire barriers and fabricated VitraDual cladding panels.
Valcan VitraDual has achieved the following certification. Full details and downloads of all certification is available at the bottom of this page.

*A1 Fire Rated: Please see Fire Reports and BBA Certification for Classification Limitations and Criteria.



VitraDual Aluminium Cladding is manufactured to EN485-3 and is A1 rated* to BS EN 1350-1 (non-combustible), high impact resistant solid panel providing exceptional durability and mechanical benefits, due to the marine-grade 5754 aluminium. 
Fire rating:
Rated A1* to BS EN 13501-1
Sheet length: (mm)
3200 or 4000 – custom lengths are available from 2000mm-5000mm
Sheet width: (mm)
1000, 1250 or 1500      
Sheet thickness: (mm)
2mm or 3mm 
Weight per sheet:
2mm = 5.42kg/m2

3mm = 8.13kg/m2
Thermal conductivity:
138 W/mK
Panels can be delivered across the UK and Europe. All panels are wrapped and packed on quality pallets and delivered via our own transport to ensure safe arrival.

Customer-Arranged Pickup: If you'd rather arrange transportation. Just give us a heads-up at least 48 hours prior to collection to ensure your order is ready.
VitraDual is available in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses as standard. Due to its high strength, 2mm 5754 VitraDual can span greater than 3mm PPC coated 1050 grade panels, offering weight and cost savings without compromising aesthetics, quality or safety. 
*A1 Fire Rated: Please see Fire Reports and BBA Certification for Classification Limitations and Criteria.

For more in-depth and technical information, refer to our downloads section here.

Add VitraDual cladding panels to your NBS specification:


Valcan VitraDual uses the well known Kynar PVDF 80/20 coating system technology which boasts superior quality and our full-colour matching range as well as RAL colours, stone and wood effect finishes. 

Valcan VitraDual cladding panels are prefinished, so they do not need fabrication before the coating process - this is unlike standard powder-coated systems and results in lower costs and reduced lead times.


Colours & Finishes

VitraDual is available in our extensive range of standard colours and finishes, as well as a custom colour match option.  This helps to ensure reclads meet the current aesthetics ensuring easy planning consent but still achieving the requirements of Approved Document B, regulation 7.

We maintain high stock levels of VitraDual, which means we can minimise lead times for your project - contact us to check stocks on 01278 804583.

Solid Colours

Our solid colour range has been carefully curated to suit any façade requirement and design intent providing a versatile palette that can enhance any project, from contemporary to traditional styles.

Metallic Colours

This stunning collection of finishes that embody the luxurious and extravagant qualities associated with metallic colours. From bright and cheerful to sombre and traditional, offering versatility in design.

Chromatic Colours 

Provide depth, richness, and exceptional appeal. Our chromatic finishes are designed to enhance the aesthetic of even the most stunning architectural projects, providing a luxurious and sophisticated appearance.

Naturline Colours

These finishes are carefully crafted to replicate the unique characteristics and colours of these metals, providing a generous palette of colours to enhance the final appeal of your product or project.

Stonecreate Colours 

Our stone-effect finishes are carefully crafted to imitate the distinctive characteristics and patterns found in various stone types, resulting in a stunning and authentic appearance.

Woodcreate Colour

Our colours and textures are carefully crafted to emulate the distinctive grain, knots, and markings found in different wood species, ensuring a stunning and authentic appearance.


View/Order Samples

Colour Name Search

Colour Name Search

Finish Range

Finish Range


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Teal
  • Violet
  • Warm
  • White
  • Yellow

5570 Patina Green VitraDual

1677 Poppy Red VitraDual

Soft Pine VitraDual

1510 Fresh Green VitraDual

1686 Power Red VitraDual

Teak VitraDual

1255 Riddle Grey VitraDual

7690 Chromatic Ancient Red VitraDual

8355 Elegant Teak VitraDual

9130 Enigma Black VitraDual

9205 Champagne Metallic VitraDual

3032 Mint Green VitraDual

7090 Chromatic Ice VitraDual

1420 Reef Blue VitraDual

9134 Smoke Silver Metallic VitraDual

3221 Bleached Mint VitraDual

9902 White VitraDual

4420 Blue Grey Metallic VitraDual

9137 Dark Grey Metallic VitraDual

6027 Light Green VitraDual

Digital screens are not able to display the exact RAL colours. We recommend ordering physical samples, or arranging a meeting with one of our team. Contact us here.


Fixing Options

To ensure the best installation is completed, we recommend the use of our VitraFix framing system and accessories – for more information on installation accessories, contact the team at Valcan.

Cassette Fix

VitraDual panels are fabricated into “tray” panels with returns on all 4 sides, colour matched fixings are then installed in the joints/reveals to give a ‘discrete’ fixing system.   


VitraDual panels are cut into flat sheets and holes drilled for rivet locations, fixings can be matched to the panel to give a partially hidden installation.

Other Fixing Examples

Secret Fix with Hook On

In this system, VitraDual panels are fabricated into "tray" panels with returns on all 4 sides, similar to the cassette fix system. However, instead of fixings being installed in the joints/reveals, the panels are hung onto a vertical profile that is fixed to the building, and fixed through the top ‘flange’ of the tray. 

This fixing is then covered by the next panel fixed above – thus ensuring the fixings are always hidden. 

Fast to install with no visible fixings – this is the premium fixing method for VitraDual A1, and can be used for a variety of panel sizes and surface shapes, from small panels right up to large format panels such as 4000 x 1400mm for example. The carrier system to use to support this panel is VitraFix VFX.


In the Plank system, VitraDual panels are fabricated into planks that are installed to the building substrate using the VitraFix VF1 support framing system and a secret fix mechanical fastener.

The planks are overlapped and fixed together as an interlocking system, which provides a continuous, smooth surface without visible fixings. This system is often used for projects where a timber plank alternative is required, or that type of look desired.

The widths and lengths of the planks can be made to your requirements within the parameters of our standard raw sheet sizes.


The Standing Seam Effect system is a popular choice for cladding projects where the client requires the standing seam look, but would like to use VitraDual A1 rainscreen system with its superior panel flatness and speed of install. 

In this system, the VitraDual sheets are fabricated into panels that are installed vertically or horizontally, with a raised seam running along the edge of each panel, that overlaps the adjacent panel. 

The Standing Seam panels are fixed back to the building with a VitraFix VF1 system. The widths and lengths of the panels can be made to your requirements within the parameters of our standard raw sheet sizes.


The Stud Weld fixing system is an innovative method of installing VitraDual with no visible fixings.

The panels have brackets mechanically fixed to the back of a flat Vitradual panel, and then using the VitraFix VF4 System, these panels are installed to the building as a rainscreen cladding system.

This system provides a strong and secure attachment for the cladding panels, that can be installed quickly with very large panels available and a range of shapes and styles available.


Product Certification
VitraDual is one of the few large format cladding panels that are truly 100% non-combustible achieving A1* to BS EN 13501-1.  Also tested to BS8414-2 for fire performance of external cladding systems and compliant to BR135 requirements - certificates are available which include VitraDual in specific configurations.

VitraDual has also been successfully tested to CWCT standards at a safety loading of 3600pa in both cassette fix and rivet fix using VitraFix as the subframe system.

VitraDual (3mm) comes with a BBA (certificate number 20/5824) giving an external cladding service life of at least 30 years - see section 10 of the BBA.

Please download the test reports below for full specifications, limitations and criteria.

VitraDual gives the insurers, architects, contractors and building owners peace of mind on product specification.


All in one complete facade system
We now offer complete cladding systems in various fixing types including face-fix, cassette, standing seam and many others. We're providing these systems in conjunction with our trusted partners. 

You'll benefit from a full system warranty, from the main substrate that includes fire barriers, insulation, subframe system (including components) and of course, the cladding panels. 

For more information about our VitraDual complete systems, click here.

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Valcan is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and all products sold are fully recyclable
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